Campaign 2014: Debates, Messages, & Signs

Happy Monday – there are only 15 days left until Election Day 2014 – so the end is in sight!

Today I take a quick look at the debates, I write about a special e-mail I received, and I spotted a political sign with a special message.


Barbra Streisand sent me an e-mail. Me!

Barbra wrote, “Have you seen Congress lately? It’s a mess. And it’s only going to get worse if people like Karl Rove and the Koch Brothers continue to treat corporations better than people.”

She then asked me to send money.

Sorry Babs…


There was a clear winner in the U.S. House debate Sunday night between Republican Ryan Zinke, Democrat John Lewis, and Libertarian candidate Mike Fellows: Montana voters.

Thanks for debating each other, and thanks to the folks who put on the debate for allowing all three candidates to participate.

I did not actually watch or listen to the House debate mostly because football was on television. I’ll probably miss the debate between Senate candidates Steve Daines and Amanda Curtis tonight for the same reason. It does not look like they are allowing the Libertarian candidate to participate in the debate tonight, either, and that is a shame.

Another U.S. House debate will be held Tuesday in Great Falls which is unfortunately scheduled during the World Series. Information about the debate can be found HERE.

Debate Press Releases:

Last night at 7:12 p.m. Ryan Zinke’s campaign sent a press release with the headline, “Zinke Decisively Wins 4th Debate, Lewis Continues to Struggle.”

Last night at 7:14 p.m. the John Lewis’ campaign sent a press release with the headline, “Lewis Slams Zinke For Benefitting From Corrupt Culture, Waffling On 2nd Amendment, Public Lands, W.R. Grace.”

Nice job in getting your messages out.

Signs, Signs, Signs:

In past elections, I have posted photos of political signs here at The Western Word – mostly ones that I found interesting. Like this one and this one and this one.

The signs I have seen this election cycle seem to be pretty boring, but here is one that I found a few blocks from my home that caught my attention.

NOTICE- some folks might find the sign offensive:


Have a great week!


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