2014 World Series: Let’s Go Royals!

Note:  This column has been updated with the new video from MLB about the Royals being back in the World Series.  Check it out at the end of this column!

You may have heard this somewhere, but it’s been 29 years since the Kansas City Royals won the 1985 World Series and, ironically, that was the last year they made the playoffs.

For some reason in 2014 it has all come together at the right time for the Royals. The 2014 World Series starts tonight in Kansas City.

I am a native Missourian (I don’t know how many generations I am because we don’t make a big deal out of it). I root for the professional teams on the west side of the state:  the Kansas City Chiefs and the Kansas City Royals.

In 1985, I was stationed at Whiteman Air Force Base, Missouri, just about 65 miles away from Royals Stadium, on Sunday, October 27, when the Royals beat the St. Louis Cardinals 11-0 to win game seven of the World Series. I still have game seven on a VHS tape – but I no longer have a VCR.

Here’s what the Kansas City Star looked like on Monday, October 28, 1985:

Royals win 1985 World Series

KC Star: Royals win 1985 World Series

A few weeks before the 1985 postseason was about to start, Kansas City television stations were telling fans where to mail their requests for postseason tickets (that was before the internet). I addressed the envelopes and then the Royals lost a game or two, so I did not mail the request for tickets. The Royals got hot, made the playoffs, and ended up winning the World Series. My bad.

The 1985 World Series was affectionately called the “I-70 Series” and “Show Me Series” because it was against the St. Louis Cardinals a mere 250 miles across the state on Interstate 70. The state of Missouri was actually pretty divided during the series and to this day there is still a bad taste left from what some Cardinals fans say was a bad call in game six.

Now I am many miles from Kansas City, but my family and I will be watching the games and cheering. My children were not yet born when the Royals last played in the World Series and sadly my parents are no longer here to enjoy the games like we did in the 1970s and 80s when the Royals were in their glory days.

The last Royals game I attended was in the summer of 2010 while visiting family in the Kansas City area. The upgraded Kauffman Stadium (as Royals stadium is now called) looks beautiful – it’s a jewel!

I hope I will be able to add a “team set” of 2014 Royals baseball cards – the World Series edition – to my 1985 World Series collection!

A few of the players from the 1985 KC Royals World Series team.

A few of the players from the 1985 KC Royals World Series team.

Check out the video about the Royals from Major League Baseball (click on it):

Go Royals!

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  1. My heart is with the Royals. My money says Giants.

    • Rick – Better go with your heart! -JmB

  2. Good luck!

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