Campaign 2014: Potpourri

It’s October 1 and Wednesday! How about those Kansas City Royals winning the wild card game in 12 innings last night? Whoop – whoop!

There’s a potpourri of political news to write about today, so buckle up!

Today I write about closing the tent, the National Rifle Association (NRA) and Montana candidates, September 30, October 1, and much more!

Closing the Tent:

According to the Associated Press, “Republican leaders from four more counties want to be added to a lawsuit to force Montana to close GOP primary election voting to only registered party members.” Ravalli County filed the initial challenge. The four new counties are Gallatin, Sanders, Dawson, and Stillwater.

I’ve written about this issue before saying it is “stupid idea” and that “the Republicans were heading down the road to Loserville.”


The National Rifle Association (NRA) endorsed Lawrence VanDyke for Montana Supreme Court Justice. The VanDyke campaign was quick to point out that VanDyke received the NRA’s highest questionnaire rating of AQ, and that his opponent, Justice Mike Wheat, received a D rating.

Maybe getting “highest questionnaire rating of AQ” means when he completed the questionnaire, his pencil did not go outside the circles he was coloring.

Judges campaigning for political office seems a little cheap to me – but that’s the silly system we have.

“AQ” was also the same rating that U.S. House candidate John Lewis (D) received. I don’t think a lot of righties want people realize this.

You can see all the ratings HERE.


The NRA was not very nice to U.S. Senate candidate, Amanda Curtis (D). They posted the following message on their website:

Today marks the first time in NRA-PVF history that a Montana candidate for U.S. Senate has earned an “F” — a grade only given to consistent anti-gun candidates who oppose gun-owners’ rights and our constitutional freedoms.

September 30:

September 30 was the end of another fundraising quarter in the political world. The national Republicans and Democrats were sending e-mail after e-mail trying to raise money.

I received 24 e-mails yesterday from groups and people associated with the national Democrats and 17 e-mails from Republicans.

Shutdown Anniversary:

The Montana Democrats are remembering today as the one-year anniversary of the government being shutdown…and they contend it is Republican Steve Daines and Ryan Zinke’s fault:

One year ago today, Congressman Daines and Republicans in the House of Representatives placed partisanship and special interests above Montana and our country, resulting in the first government shutdown in 17 years that began on October 1, 2013. Ryan Zinke quickly voiced his support for the shutdown that cost Montana $45 million in economic activity.

You can read their press release HERE.


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  1. I think that as long as Amanda Curtis is pro-abortion and anti-gun in Montana, she should find another occupation or maybe this is all she has left to try for…

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