Campaign 2014: Fundraising Frenzy II

I missed the U.S. House debate last night between Ryan Zinke and John Lewis for Montana’s At-Large House seat (football is much more entertaining). If you want to read about the debate, here is a Lee Newspapers story and an Associated Press story.

The Montanans for Lewis campaign sent a press release last night saying, “Montana’s John Lewis delivered a decisive win tonight championing issues Montanans care about most from Medicare to education, to energy and Montana agriculture jobs.”

I did not receive or see a post-debate press release from the Ryan Zinke campaign.

Last week I wrote about political parties and candidates trying to raise money. I thought they were sending a lot of e-mails, but since there are now only 35 days left until Election Day 2014, they have turned it up a notch or two. I have also taken part in several polls regarding the U.S. Senate and U.S. House races.

As I mentioned last week, I subscribe to receive updates via e-mail from different groups within the Democratic and Republican parties.

Monday, September 29, was a big day! The national Democrats sent me 15 e-mails trying to raise money. On the same day national Republicans sent me nine e-mails about fundraising.

Here are some of the subject lines from their fundraising e-mails. Enjoy.

“Jack, we’ve tried everything” – This was from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC).

“Friend, I’m pleading” – This was another one from the DCCC.

“Just talked to the team (bad news)” – This one had Nancy Pelosi’s name on it.

“begging…BEGGING” – From the DCCC.

“Re: Jack we’re BEGGING” – This one had James Carville’s name on it.

“We can do this together” – This is from the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) and it has Mitt Romney’s name on it.

“I Need Your Help” – This one had Ben Carson’s name on it.

“TIGHT AS A TICK” – This one had Karl Rove’s name on it.

“URGENT: please read” – This one had Senator Jerry Moran’s name on it.

“can’t sit this one” – This one was from the Montanans for Lewis campaign.

“Support a Navy SEAL” – This one is from the Ryan Zinke campaign.

“The clock is ticking” – This one is from the Steve Daines campaign.


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2 thoughts on “Campaign 2014: Fundraising Frenzy II

  1. The Big china trade mission was claimed to be paid for by the Greater Montana Foundation. I googled them and it is old broadcasters group. They do not appear to have any money. Might be interesting to check out where money really came from. Just a thought from an old suspicious guy who has laundered money in the dim dark past.

    Dave Lewis

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