Monday Morning Politics

Welcome to Monday Morning Politics!  This is where I take a look at some of the political stories from the weekend and put them in one place for your viewing pleasure – I also add some commentary.

Since we’re getting close to Turkey Day, it looks like the folks in Washington, D.C., will be serving up some turkey to all of us this week with the possible failure of the supercommittee to reach a deal.

In this week’s Monday Morning Politics, I write about the supercommittee, defense and donuts, guns, homeland security, the first female senator, Saturday Night Live, and much more!

Epic Fail:

The Hill (a Washington D.C. publication) reports, “The supercommittee is expected to make plain on Monday that it will fall short of its deficit-reducing mandate, an outcome many in Washington have expected for days.”

Although the deadline is Wednesday (Nov. 23), “…any deal the supercommittee comes up with must also be vetted by the Congressional Budget Office – and be available to the 12 lawmakers on the committee for 48 hours prior to any vote, giving the panel an effective Monday deadline.”

It looks like, barring a last-minute deal, the elected officials in Washington have failed us once again.

Max Baucus:

Although the supercommittee will probably be an epic failure, Montana’s senior Senator, Max Baucus, has used his time on the supercommittee to get a few of his opinions published in newspapers across Montana.

History won’t be kind to Baucus and the other 11 members. 

Huntsman on SNL:

GOP Presidential candidate Jon Huntsman made an appearance on Saturday Night Live this weekend.  You can watch his two minute and twenty-six second spot “about New Hampshire” HERE.

Defense.  Defense.

No, this was not the cry from the football field on this past week, but from Sen. Jon Tester, as he entertained members of the Central Montana Defense Alliance in his Washington, D.C. office on Wednesday.

A press release relayed the focus of the meeting, “Today’s meeting focused on how Tester and the community of Great Falls can continue working well together…” Blah, blah, blah…

I think the whole focus for the Defense Alliance trip (besides sightseeing) was to attend “Coffee & Doughnuts with Max” on Wednesday.  Tester claims the donuts and coffee are “one of the highlights of my week.”

Second Amendment:

The Hill published a story about which Senate candidate in Montana will gain the endorsement from the National Rifle Association (NRA) for the 2012 election.  According to the article, Senator Jon Tester has an “A” rating and Congressman Denny Rehberg has an “A+” rating.  I guess this means Rehberg did some extra credit work – maybe he stayed after school and cleaned the chalkboard or wrote an essay on handguns.

I own several guns, but I don’t belong to any gun group – and I never have (unless carrying one for a living in the military counts).

The bottom line is this (to me):  Tester supported anti-gun Supreme Court nominees. I don’t know about his support for other anti-gun Federal judges, but the two Supreme Court judges he voted for should be enough to keep him from getting the NRA’s endorsement – if that really matters these days.

Homeland Security:

I saw one published by Lee Newspapers.  I saw one published by the Associated Press.  Now there’s one published by the Great Falls Tribune.  What is it?  It’s a story about the “border bill” which is also called H.R. 1505.  Sen. Tester and Congressman Rehberg disagree about it, so everyone is writing about it.

I’m yawning here, folks…

Like I said, “As far as I am concerned the folks who are protecting me can go anywhere they need to in order to keep our country (and me) safe.  You can call me naïve, but I don’t worry about things like this bill (or even the Patriot Act).  Freedom is not free – those of us who actually served understand this.”

Rebecca Felton:

In the “trivia you can use category” on this date (Nov. 21) in 1922 was when Rebecca Felton of Georgia was sworn in as the first woman to serve in the U.S. Senate.  According to this bio, Felton “served just twenty-four hours…”

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