Secret Revealed

In what was one of the worst-kept secrets of the 2012 political season (tying Denny Rehberg’s announcement that he was running for U.S. Senate) Montana Attorney General Steve Bullock will announce his intention to run for Governor today (Wednesday).

The Associated Press reported in an AP News Break on Tuesday that two people close to Bullock let the secret out that he was running for Montana Governor.  If you follow me on Twitter, you received that information yesterday through @TheWesternWord.

Early Wednesday morning (today) I received an e-mail from the Bullock campaign with the subject “Big News” in which he writes, “Later today, with my family by my side, I will announce that I am running for Governor of the State of Montana. Since we can’t all be in Billings for this announcement, I wanted you to hear first.”

He also has a pretty nice two-minute video with some footage of his family, plus video of the Gates of the Mountains where he says he helped pay for college by “driving tour boats up and down the river.”

The Bullock for Governor 2012 Website is up and running and can be accessed at:  Bullock has Campaign Kickoff Parties scheduled for Billings (today), Helena (Thursday), Missoula (Saturday), Butte (Monday) and Red Lodge (next Wednesday).  His Facebook page has more events listed.

Bullock joins state Senator Larry Jent (from Bozeman) as the two announced Democratic candidates for Governor.  On the GOP side, former Congressman Rick Hill, security and anti-terrorism expert Neil Livingstone, former state Senator Ken Miller, current Chouteau County Commissioner Jim O’Hara, and former state Senator Corey Stapleton have announced.

With the announcement, Bullock becomes the favorite on the Democratic side.  Hill has to be considered a favorite on the GOP side.  That showdown will not take place for about 14 months and they will both have to make it through the June 2012 primary first – plus there will be plenty of digging for skeletons leading up to those dates…

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  2. Worst-kept secret, indeed. I absolutely HATE that politicians (of all stripes) release announcements that they plan to schedule an announcement that they will at some point make an announcement that they plan to schedule a conference to announce that they will soon make an official announcement about a formal announcement for a candidacy.

    • David – Yes – I agree. I think I wrote a column about Rick Hill doing it earlier. As long as politicians believe they can squeeze just a little more publicity out of something (and the media lets them) they will continue to do it. -Jack

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