Monday Morning Politics

While you were outside enjoying some of Montana’s summer season, the staffers here at The Western Word were busy scouring the web looking for political stories – and we found a few!

Today we take a look at finances, Twitter, flakes, a couple of polls, and a power company.  So sit back and kick off your Monday with Monday Morning Politics!

All Hat No Cattle:

The Bozeman Daily Chronicle (BDC) ran a story on Sunday about the financial disclosure of the three members of the Montana congressional delegation.

If you’ve been in Montana very long, you’ve probably read that Congressman Denny Rehberg is one of the wealthiest members of the Congress.  The BDC reports “his assets were worth between $3.7 million and $13.5 million…”  Some folks think it’s a shame to be wealthy and Rehberg gets some hits from the Democrats for being rich in almost every election.

The Chronicle also reports that “Sen. Jon Tester’s assets were worth between $752,000 and $1,530,000…”

With assets like these, they can both be called millionaires in my book.

The BDC also reports that “Sen. Max Baucus, who does not own land in Montana, had the fewest assets of the delegation. Baucus’ assets were worth between $10,001 and $160,000…”

Since Baucus really has no land in Montana (maybe he rents a home or lives off the taxpayers when he travels the state), we will give him the “All Hat No Cattle” award.

Wilmer Tweets:

Montana Congressional candidate Franke Wilmer (Democrat) started her campaign Twitter account on June 21 (@Franke4Congress).  As of this morning she had 321 followers.  I followed her and received a direct message from her campaign thanking me.  So, I was impressed.  It’s nice to see a candidate using social media.

I also follow Steve Daines (@DainesforHouse), Jon Tester (@jontester), and Denny Rehberg (@Rehberg2012 and @DennyRehberg)and Rick Hill (@RickHill2012). Rehberg is the leader in using Twitter and Facebook to connect to his constituents in Montana.  Wilmer might end up being his equal from the left.

Having someone on the campaign staff who understands social media will be helpful in the 2012 election season.

Hopefully we won’t see too much hijacking of Twitter from their opponents, like I read in this story (Tester mentioned).

Are You a Flake?

I try to watch a few of the Sunday news shows.  On Fox News Sunday, host Chris Wallace asked Congresswomen (and Presidential candidate) Michele Bachmann, “Are you a flake?”  Wallace has since apologized for asking it.

I like Michele Bachman as a person and I am impressed with what she has done in her life (foster parent, federal prosecutor, elected to congress, etc.).

As the lights have grown brighter on Rep. Bachmann, the mistakes have been brought forth and showed me that she is not exactly ready for the biggest stage (President of the United States), but she is not a “flake” either.

Iowa Poll:

Speaking of Rep. Bachmann, she just announced she was “officially” running for President.  A new poll in Iowa shows that Bachmann and Mitt Romney lead the pack.  Romney has 23% and Bachmann 22%.

Electric City Power:

Many folks around Montana have heard about the problems the City of Great Falls is having with their power company called, Electric City Power.

The City is in red ink up to their eyeballs.

Hardly anyone (in city government or in the community) understands the mess, except one person.  His name is Richard Ecke, and he writes for the Great Falls Tribune.  Ecke has followed the story from the beginning (I think).  Of course there are those who think they know it all, but my bet is that Ecke knows more than even the board members.  Maybe Ecke could lead the city to the Promised Land…and out of the red ink?

Confidence in the News:

A new poll released by Gallup this morning tells us “Americans’ confidence in newspapers and television news rebounded slightly in the past year, having been stuck at record lows since 2007.”

You can read about the whole poll right HERE.

Next week maybe they will poll the question, “Are your local newscasters smarter than a fifth grader?”

Have a great week and don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @TheWesternWord.



  1. Noticed that Corey Stapleton has a new video online tonight. Not sure if that interests you. But just thought I’d let you know.

    Ken Miller has a 4 minute video up as well. I’ve not been able to locate any intro videos for Rick Hill as of yet.

    • Thanks for the heads-up. -Jack

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