Poll: MT Democratic U.S. House Primary!

The Western Word one-day poll:

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Politics 2012: Analysis of the Senate & House Polls

Tuesday was a big day for political junkies like me.  Readers may remember that on April 27, I mentioned in the “Caught My Eye” column that I had taken part in a poll from Public Policy Polling (PPP) about several political races in Montana.  Since that PPP poll, there have been at least two other polling firms call my home – it’s getting busy in the polling world!

Tuesday afternoon PPP released the results for the U.S. Senate and the Montana At-Large U.S. House races and although others may give their thoughts about the results, The Western Word will give you the truly independent analysis that you deserve and won’t find anywhere else!


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Caught My Eye…

Congratulations and welcome to Friday!  To help make your day go by just a little more quickly, here’s another “Caught My Eye” column to help you make it to your weekend.

If you are a new visitor, Caught My Eye is the weekly column that takes a look at some of the stories I did not have time to write about during the week – and sometimes I offer commentary – and sometimes it is sprinkled with just a pinch of sarcasm!

So buckle up for the ride – today we take look at nuclear missiles, Jesus on a Mountain, Rehberg on Fox, Wilmer on MSNBC, what landed in my political inbox, an ombudsman, flashback to October 2007, friends that desert you, a hollow life, a salute to a lady, a question to remember, and much more! (more…)

Monday Morning Politics

It’s another Monday and that means it’s time for another edition of “Monday Morning Politics” here at The Western Word!

In this column I take a look at some of the political stories that hit the internet over the weekend – and offer some commentary about each.

This week we look at trade deals, a convention, House fundraising, a mailer, ethics, a baseball team of candidates, backroom deals and much more! (more…)

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Monday Morning Politics

The next couple of days will be very hot across Montana, but that will be nothing compared to how heated the political races will get between now and November 2012.

The Western Word (TWW) will be with you to enjoy the ride – and we’re here to provide some independent commentary about these races – and to be your destination for political information!

This week we take a look at U.S. Senate and House fundraising, a subpoena, a hearing, redistricting, partisanship and more!  (more…)

Monday Morning Politics

While you were outside enjoying some of Montana’s summer season, the staffers here at The Western Word were busy scouring the web looking for political stories – and we found a few!

Today we take a look at finances, Twitter, flakes, a couple of polls, and a power company.  So sit back and kick off your Monday with Monday Morning Politics!

All Hat No Cattle: (more…)

Montana House 2012: Lining Up

If you are losing count of the number of folks who are lining up to run for Montana’s open House seat in 2012, you are not alone.

It looks like there are five now after State Sen. Kim Gillan of Billings announced that she was running on Tuesday. She joins Democrats State Rep. Franke Wilmer of Bozeman and Dave Strohmaier of Missoula.

On the Republican side, we have 402nd  generation Montanan Steve Daines (just joking, I think Daines claims he is only a 5th generation Montanan).  Folks are now saying they think Daines will stick to the U.S. House race (he was running for U.S. Senate).  And we have the GOP candidate that nobody wants to be associated with, John Abarr, who reports say once worked as a Ku Klux Klan organizer and is auditing the nights (or knights) at local hotel in Great Falls (sorry, that was a night auditor and not auditor of the nights or knights). (more…)

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Montana Politics 2012: New Polls!

The Flint Report has new polling numbers up on his website regarding Montana’s 2012 U.S. Senate race, the 2012 U.S. House race, and the 2012 Governor’s race.

Click HERE for all the information then come back for my analysis.

Polls are always interesting to read and examine. As you probably read, the poll was conducted on 400 “likely” Montana voters. The margin of error is +/- 4.65%.

So, let’s take a quick look at it! (more…)

U.S. House Montana 2012: Who?

With Congressman Denny Rehberg throwing his hat into the ring to take on Senator Jon Tester, it leaves the Montana’s 2012 House race wide open.

U.S. Senate candidate Steve Daines announced that he was changing races; now he is running for the open U.S. House seat (an “open seat” refers to a race where there’s no incumbent running for re-election) and a State Legislator, Franke Wilmer, has decided to jump into the race.

Rest assured there will be more candidates; I predict many more. In the 2010 primary election, there were seven candidates on the ballot and that was with incumbent Congressman Rehberg on the ballot. I expect there will be at least that many candidates as open seats stir the emotions of people and they remember the “immortal” words of Stuart Smalley, “Because I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggonit, people like me!” (more…)