Poll: MT Democratic U.S. House Primary!

The Western Word one-day poll:

Monday Morning Politics

Welcome to another Monday!  To give you something to look forward to there’s a three-day weekend waiting at the end of this week for many of you!  So “hang on!”

The Western Word (TWW) will be with you each and every day throughout the week providing you with that independent commentary you’ve come to love and enjoy!  I promise we will get through this week together.

If you are a new visitor to TWW, “Monday Morning Politics” is where I put together several of the political stories from the past weekend all in one place for your reading pleasure.  I also offer some commentary about these stories often laced with just a little snarkiness…

Today I write about stopping the new START, Earmarks, the seventh ad from Tester, backing Montana, the Automotive Performance and Motorsports Caucus, three of the seven, the University of Montana mess, Alzheimer’s, Vandals, thrice bitten, and much more!

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Politics 2012: Planes, Commercials, Flyers, & Forums

Welcome to Tuesday!  Hang in there…I know it’s too early to talk about Friday coming in a few days, so I won’t…

Today on The Western Word I write about Montana and the C-130 mess, I analyze the new campaign commercials from Governor Candidate Rick Hill and U.S. Senator Jon Tester.  I also provide commentary about another glossy four-page flyer, I talk about someone being filthy rich, and I share the news about a Democratic congressional candidates forum being scheduled!  There’s more so read on…

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Politics 2012: Analysis of the Senate & House Polls

Tuesday was a big day for political junkies like me.  Readers may remember that on April 27, I mentioned in the “Caught My Eye” column that I had taken part in a poll from Public Policy Polling (PPP) about several political races in Montana.  Since that PPP poll, there have been at least two other polling firms call my home – it’s getting busy in the polling world!

Tuesday afternoon PPP released the results for the U.S. Senate and the Montana At-Large U.S. House races and although others may give their thoughts about the results, The Western Word will give you the truly independent analysis that you deserve and won’t find anywhere else!

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Politics 2012: ICBMs, House Money & Packing

Today is Tax Day 2012.  My condolences…

Today on The Western Word I write about the Huffington Post story on Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs) and politics, Montana’s U.S. House At-Large money race, going after Daines, blanketing Bullock, packing, talking candidly, and much more.

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Montana House 2012: Finding an Angle

According to the Montana Secretary of State’s website, there are 11 candidates running for Montana’s only U.S. House seat (At-Large).  There are seven Democrats, three Republicans, and one Libertarian candidate on the list (and a partridge in a pear tree).

Just kidding about the partridge…

Most political observers believe that Steve Daines is the presumptive nominee on Republican side, but those same people do not see a front-runner on the Democratic side – and we’re about a month away from the absentee ballots hitting mailboxes and about two months from the primary election on June 5.  Continue reading

Monday Morning Politics

It’s Monday and it’s snowing – but spring is almost here (my glass is half-full)!  Monday Morning Politics was posted just a little late this morning, as I was busy scooping snow.  In case this is your first time stopping by, this is the column where I take a look at some of the political news from the past weekend and put it in one place for all to see.  I also add my personal commentary!

Today I take a look at Libertarians and Montana, a Romney fundraiser, a dream candidate, flunking transparency, candidates and battle lines, Sweet Home Alabama, raising $45 million, and much more!

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