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You are now reading the first Caught My Eye (CME) of the summer season.  Congratulations!  The difference is that the summer CMEs are written with shorts, t-shirts, and flip-flops on.  Additionally, CME may be written from poolside, on the patio, or somewhere outdoors – and there may be more mistakes as suntan lotion makes for slippery fingers.

It’s tough to compete against summer…so it’s OK to drink margaritas while reading this column…and remember you can read CME on your mobile device!

This week I have come up with some great stories about nobody liking Congress, or TV News or newspapers, a loss being a gain, compelling photos, barrels of Utz Cheese Balls, and the video of the week is from Anderson Cooper!  Of course, Jack’s Political Inbox makes a showing this week.

So sit back and relax for a bit and enjoy this week’s column.  

Nobody Trusts You:

A new Gallup Poll tells us that people have more “confidence in the military than in 15 other national institutions…” Congress, TV News, and Newspapers are not that trusted.  Congress ranks last of the 15.

Of course, you can trust the staff here at The Western Word… 

Loss is a Gain?

According to this story in the Helena Independent Record (IR), “The Montana Standard and Helena Independent Record, daily newspapers owned by Lee Enterprises, have created a combined management structure that eliminated one editor position in Helena, John Doran, who was the editor at the IR.”

It seems to some of us that most employees from the Helena IR just go to work for the Montana Democratic Party – so we’ll be looking for that announcement soon.

Compelling Photos

It looks like the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will be placing “graphic photos” on cigarette packages.  What could be next?  Maybe they’ll put photos of fat people on donut boxes.  Maybe a photo of a certain senator on “barrels of Utz Cheese Balls” would help, too. (Utz Cheese Balls reference is on page 3, paragraph five, of the Newsweek story about Senator Tester).

Speaking of Senators:

A story in U.S. News told us:  Barring an unexpected reelection landslide by President Obama, Republicans are at least slightly favored to take the Senate. “It’s just a basic matter of numbers,” says Larry Sabato, the University of Virginia political analyst, in a new report. He predicts that Republicans are likely to win Republican Senate seats in North Dakota, Missouri, Montana, and Nebraska.

I always like hearing from “political scientists” many who have never run for public office…BTW, I have run for public office and won…so that makes me closer to being an expert than some.

Use Compound W next time:

I could have been mean and said, “Speaking of people without fingers…” after mentioning a certain senator, but I didn’t.  According to this story, a “Man shot off own finger to get rid of wart.”

The RidicuList (Video of the Week):

If you have not caught Anderson Cooper’s nightly “RidicuList” on CNN you should.  This week he talked about a 51 year old man marrying a 16 year old girl.  Pretty funny.  Catch it HERE.

Jack’s Political Inbox:

Almost every week I share a few of my favorite e-mails from the political world and I offer some commentary, too. 

-The Rick Hill for Montana Governor Team sent me an e-mail with the subject, “Latest poll has Rick Hill outperforming all other candidates” in which they tell me that “New poll numbers from Public Policy Polling have Hill as the only GOP candidate with a lead over the top Democratic contenders.”

It looks like the GOP nomination for Governor is Hill’s to lose.  Now, whom will Hill pick for Lt. Governor?  I’m thinking it should be someone from Billings since Hill resides in Helena. At least a couple of his competitors are from that area, but there are some other great people from Billings he should consider.  A military veteran on the ticket would be helpful, too.

U.S. Senator Dick Durbin sent me an e-mail from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) account with the subject “Catastrophic” in which he says, “The Republican vision for America is downright catastrophic.”

Catastrophic might be what the Democrats call the election of 2012 if unemployment stays high, gas prices don’t drop, and our debt is not under control.

Barack Obama’s campaign manager, Jim Messina, sent me an e-mail with the subject, “Video: Afghanistan” in which he uses the address on Wednesday night where Obama “announced his plan to start withdrawing our troops from Afghanistan next month, fulfilling a promise he made a year and a half ago to begin the drawdown this summer.”

Nothing like using the war as a campaign tool…

-The Montanans for Rehberg campaign sent me an e-mail with the subject, “Help Us Fight Back” in which they ask for a donation “to raise $50,000 to help Denny fight back.”

According the chart on the right side of the e-mail, they were sitting at about $20K which means maybe there are a lot of people who do not have jobs (like me) and can’t donate. 

-The Montana Democratic Party sent out an e-mail on Monday with the subject, “Understanding Congressman Rehberg’s Speech at the MT GOP Convention” saying, among other things, that “Congressman Rehberg even had the gall to say the country had become too litigious, without mentioning his own frivolous, self-serving lawsuit against Billings firefighters.”

Seeing the words “firefighter” and “lawsuit” will be the norm throughout the campaign as will “millionaire.”  The Democrats know these three things get traction with the voters – look for their TV ads to contain all these words, too. 

-The Montana GOP was also busy this week sending out an e-mail with the subject, “Rehberg Leads Tester 47-45” saying “Tester’s willingness to vote with President Obama 97% of the time is unsettling to lots of folks. Montanans don’t want their U.S. Senator to be a pawn of the Democrat establishment.”

As for the Rehberg supporters, they will want to use the words “Tester and Obama” in the same sentence as many times as they can between now and November 2012.   If they can somehow use “Utz Cheese Balls” in the same sentence, I’d think their chances of winning would skyrocket…

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Important Notes:

Wear sunscreen.  Wear mosquito repellant.  Most importantly – don’t forget to stretch…

Although summer is upon us, The Western Word welcomes ideas for columns and press releases from groups or candidates.  Just send them to and I will look them over and maybe post them for my readers to see.  I also might offer my own commentary!


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