Just Football

It was a full weekend of games. I managed to catch a few in my spare time. I’ve also managed to write a few comments about them:

Red Turf:

The red turf at Eastern Washington reared up and bit the Montana Grizzlies, or was it as I predicted running back Taiwan Jones? Jones’ 221 yards rushing and 60 receiving yards were phenomenal.

Or was it turnovers? The Griz are an undisciplined team this year. They committed six turnovers in Saturday’s game. The Griz have several problems to correct and the coaching staff has to take the blame for their performance.

By the way, in the FCS poll the number 5, 6, 7, 8, and 10 ranked teams all lost Saturday.


Speaking of undisciplined, the Montana State Bobcats deserve an award, too. One of their defensive players knocked the Drake QB out of the game with a cheap shot. He was flagged for a personal foul. The game was pretty close until that point.

Until the coaches punish their own or the conference decides to suspend the players who commit personal fouls, you will always see players “going after” the other teams’ best players.

A win like the Bobcats got on Saturday must be a little bittersweet for Rob Ash, who was Drake’s coach until he took the MSU gig.

The Bobcats host Eastern Washington on Saturday. To control Taiwan Jones, maybe they should do the Rocky Balboa training (chasing chickens).

Carroll College:

Once again, Carroll College is Montana’s only undefeated college team (that I know of). It’s too bad we don’t see their games on television. Carroll (3-0) hosts Montana Tech (3-1) on Saturday in Helena.

Michigan State:

The Spartans ran a fake field goal in overtime Saturday night and scored a touchdown to beat Notre Dame. It was an amazing and gutsy call. Afterwards, the Spartans head coach suffered a mild heart attack and reportedly had a stent inserted. Here’s hoping he’s back on the sidelines soon.

The Pros:

Kansas City, Tampa Bay, Miami, Houston and Chicago are all a surprising 2-0. Being a Chiefs’ fan, I am happy that some breaks are going my team’s way for a change. No, I am not predicting playoffs.

Dallas and Minnesota are 0-2. Which one has the best chance of 0-3? Dallas. The Cowboys play at Houston next Sunday. The Vikings host the Lions. Which one has the best chance of a coaching change? Dallas. Quarterback change? Vikings.

So far, the Green Bay Packers look like the best in the league, but it is a long season. Is the Favre curse over yet?

The Manning Bowl was boring, except when the Giants player “accidently” threw his helmet in the stands. The commercial with Eli Manning locking Peyton in the closet before they left for the game was cute. The NFL could use a few more upstanding young men like the Manning brothers. Their parents did well.