“God has blessed me…”

Those were the words that stuck with me during the post-game press conference in which Vikings Quarterback Brett Favre talked about his consecutive games started streak coming to an end.

The 41 year-old gunslinger had his consecutive starting streak end at 297 regular season games Monday night in Detroit (Favre started 321 straight games if you count the postseason).  It all started in 1992 and ended in 2010. 

As fans, we were blessed to be able to see Brett Favre play the game. We were blessed by his passion for the game. Favre reminded me of a fifth grader getting to go outside and play football at recess. He loved the game and it showed. There are not many players with that type of devotion for the game.

He made mistakes like we all do in life. When he got knocked down, he got up. When he threw an interception, he came back and tried again. Everyone can learn a thing or two from Favre’s career.

Favre could have suited up Monday night, taken a snap and then walked off the field. He didn’t. You have to respect that. Favre is the definitive iron man. Nobody is even a close second.

It’s unknown if Favre can even play next week. He may be placed on injured reserve and his season (and career) would end.

Here’s a video of Favre’s career – the good and the bad. Enjoy!

Just Football

It was a full weekend of games. I managed to catch a few in my spare time. I’ve also managed to write a few comments about them:

Red Turf:

The red turf at Eastern Washington reared up and bit the Montana Grizzlies, or was it as I predicted running back Taiwan Jones? Jones’ 221 yards rushing and 60 receiving yards were phenomenal.

Or was it turnovers? The Griz are an undisciplined team this year. They committed six turnovers in Saturday’s game. The Griz have several problems to correct and the coaching staff has to take the blame for their performance.

By the way, in the FCS poll the number 5, 6, 7, 8, and 10 ranked teams all lost Saturday.

Undisciplined: Continue reading

Typical Summer Fun!

Summer – the time for getting outdoors, going on vacation, attending fairs, catching some baseball and watching for the latest Brett Favre rumors.

Today some “sources” are saying Favre will retire. That’s typical for early August. Nothing has been posted on his website, yet. The Vikings are hoping he returns as is about everyone else – except those folks in the NFC Central North.

The rumor about ESPN wanting to do a one-hour special about Favre’s announcement with Jim Gray hosting was, thankfully, just a rumor. The rumor about Favre playing for the Miami Heat was just a rumor, too. Continue reading