Losing Jets and Jobs

A few days ago the Great Falls Tribune published a story titled, “Mission change progresses for Montana Air National Guard” (MANG) in which we learned that the F-15 Eagle jets at the Montana Air National Guard are on schedule to leave Montana this summer, and C-130 cargo planes are due to arrive later in the year, possibly in the October – December timeframe.

In other words, it looks like the MANG will be without any planes for at least a few months. Montana military supporters should be nervous as we play the bureaucratic waiting game, possibly waiting for the leftovers from the Department of Defense.

When this is all completed, apparently this will be the first time the MANG will be without some variation of a Fighter jet since 1947. 1947 was the first year of Meet the Press and Howdy Doody (which to some is probably the same thing).

So, Montana is losing their J-E-T-S. Jets, jets, JETS! They are supposedly being replaced with cargo planes. Some people I’ve visited with about the loss of jets and the gain of cargo planes look like they have that gagging feeling in their throats when they say, “C-130.”   Continue reading

Six Days…

The last two weekends have given us plenty of NFL Football. Eight games over two weekends. Now, we are winding down and there are only two games next weekend.

Sunday. It seems to so far away. That’s when the next football games will be played. It’s the Packers at the Bears and the Jets at the Steelers.

But that is six days away. There will be a lot of “talk” before Sunday. My bet is most of it will come from the Jets. They just beat Peyton Manning and Tom Brady is successive weeks so the Jets have that right.

The Jets beat the Steelers 22-17 on December 19 in Pittsburgh. The Bears and the Packers split their NFC North meetings both winning at home. They played each other on January 2 in Green Bay, with the Packers winning 10-3. That Packer victory clinched a playoff spot for them.

There are still a couple of questions from Sunday’s games: Continue reading

Caught My Eye…

January is moving very slowly. I hate this month. It must be the cold weather and frozen tundra I see out my back door.

Rest assured faithful readers, it has not prevented me from completing another edition of the (almost) award-winning “Caught My Eye.”

For the new readers out there, this weekly column is where I take a quick look at some of the stories that I did not have time to write about during the week. Sometimes I add a little sarcasm in my comments.

So grab a cup of coffee and relax – this week’s edition of Caught My Eye is right below the jump. Continue reading

Football: It’s Almost Over

The major college football season ended last night with Auburn beating Oregon for the mythical Bowl Championship Series (BCS) National Championship.

It was an entertaining game to watch. The 30+ days the teams had off showed as both teams were a little shaky in the scoreless first quarter.

I watched most of the 35 bowl games. Many were competitive and many had a lot of empty seats. About 32 of them were televised on the ESPN/ABC networks.

Ridiculous: Continue reading

“God has blessed me…”

Those were the words that stuck with me during the post-game press conference in which Vikings Quarterback Brett Favre talked about his consecutive games started streak coming to an end.

The 41 year-old gunslinger had his consecutive starting streak end at 297 regular season games Monday night in Detroit (Favre started 321 straight games if you count the postseason).  It all started in 1992 and ended in 2010. 

As fans, we were blessed to be able to see Brett Favre play the game. We were blessed by his passion for the game. Favre reminded me of a fifth grader getting to go outside and play football at recess. He loved the game and it showed. There are not many players with that type of devotion for the game.

He made mistakes like we all do in life. When he got knocked down, he got up. When he threw an interception, he came back and tried again. Everyone can learn a thing or two from Favre’s career.

Favre could have suited up Monday night, taken a snap and then walked off the field. He didn’t. You have to respect that. Favre is the definitive iron man. Nobody is even a close second.

It’s unknown if Favre can even play next week. He may be placed on injured reserve and his season (and career) would end.

Here’s a video of Favre’s career – the good and the bad. Enjoy!