Stuck in the 1950s

Sometimes a headline like: “Montana GOP policy: Make homosexuality illegal” gets your attention. That was the Associated Press (AP) headline over the weekend.

Now, that story has spread around the web for everyone in the world to read.

Social issues are hurting the conservative movement here in Big Sky Country. Headlines like the one above also hurt the state’s image.

The members of the Montana Republican Party passed this statement as part of their “Crime” platform back in June 2010:

We support the clear will of the people of Montana expressed by legislation to keep homosexual acts illegal.

It appears that this has been the position of the party since 1997, according to the AP story.

A moderate Republican state senator was quoted in the story condemning the statement and saying that a majority of the party members probably would want the statement removed.

I wonder what changed since June 19, 2010, when the current party platform was adopted (about 93 days ago).

The Montana GOP is stuck in a 1950s. They could use a makeover. That’s probably the reason why they have trouble recruiting younger candidates or getting younger folks to participate. It’s also the reason why they only have one elected official in a state-wide office.

That big GOP tent they so passionately talk about is zipped up…and locked.

But, there’s good news: I could not find anything in the Montana GOP’s platform about them wanting it to be illegal for women to vote.

Maybe they are, at least, steaming ahead toward the 21st century.

3 thoughts on “Stuck in the 1950s

  1. I first saw this reference on a lefty blog a few weeks ago and figured that it was hyperbole — but when I visited the MT GOP website, I was stunned to find out that it really is true.

    MT GOP shooting itself in the foot.

    • I was surprised, too. Do a Google search of “Montana GOP policy: Make homosexuality illegal” and you’ll see that it has thousands of hits – which should be enough of an embarrassment to the MT GOP that they should call and special session of their voting members and strike the statement from their platform.

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