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NFL Football Fans: I know what you’ve been going through and the long wait is almost over, so rest easy. We’ve suffered since the final gun sounded at the Super Bowl. Then we patiently waited for the draft. We watched the draft to help us prepare for the long dry spell between draft day and the opening of training camps.

We’ve talked to friends about football; we checked our team’s website for any news. We looked up information on the draft picks. We read the paper and searched the internet to see if there had been any trades.

Yes, we’ve all been hurting for some NFL football – I hear you.

We watched some of the NBA playoffs and caught a baseball game or two. Nothing took the place of any NFL game. We are hurting. I know how you feel, my friend.

We are all undefeated and we dream of the playoffs…and the Super Bowl!

Getting Prepared for the NFL Season:

So now it’s time to make sure you have your house in order. Get those chores done now, don’t wait. You don’t want to be working on a project – you want to be sitting in your La-Z-Boy chair, drinking a cold one, eating some ribs or brats, and watching the games. So make sure your favorite chair is in front of the TV (like you are the king), and check that the TV is ready (is it time to get that new one, you know the 46 inch one?). Make sure the surround sound is working.

Check to see if the little things are in order, like ensuring the remote has new batteries and that the lighting is perfect and does not cast a glare on the TV. These should be on your pre-game checklist. You should read TV listings to ensure you know what channels the games are on so you can surf back and forth between games. Maybe it’s time you and the little wife subscribe to NFL Sunday Ticket? The school clothes for the kids can wait, huh?

The Predictions:

Last month I took a look at each division in the NFL and made some predictions about where the teams would finish. You can check out those predictions by going to “Categories” on the right and selecting “Football.’

Now that preseason is over and the rosters are basically set, here are my final predictions for the 2010 NFL season:

The American Football Conference

AFC West:

1. Chargers

2. Broncos

3. Raiders

3. Chiefs

The Chargers are still the winner, but the Broncos move up to second. The Raiders and the Chiefs are fighting for third and fourth. The Chiefs’ offense has not proven much this preseason. If they don’t produce on offense, look for Chiefs fans to want Matt Cassel’s head on a platter. 7-9 will be the best they will do, but it will be an improvement. I still predict a win for the Chiefs on Monday Night Football, September 13.

AFC North:

1. Ravens

2. Bengals

3. Steelers

4. Browns

These predictions stay the same. The Ravens and Bengals will make the playoffs. The Steelers can blame “Big Ben” for their third place finish.

AFC South:

1. Colts

2. Titans

3. Texans

4. Jaguars

The Colts will be tough, but the new rule where the NFL places the referee after he places the ball may get into their heads. The health of the team will be a factor in how well they do, but this is the Colts who have made it normal to win 12 games each season. The Titans look stronger than they did earlier, but they still can’t win the division. The Texans and Jaguars are just not there yet.

AFC East:

1. Jets

2. Patriots

3. Dolphins

4. Bills

The Jets and the Patriots will slug it out, but since Revis is signed and in camp this should help the Jets win the division. The Dolphins are a just a little weak to win the division or make the playoffs. The Bills are in for another disappointment.

AFC Playoffs:

1. Colts

2. Ravens

3. Chargers

4. Jets

Wildcards: Titans, Bengals or Patriots

The Colts will have home field and a bye. The Ravens will get a bye, too. The Chargers and Jets are in by winning their divisions. The Titans, Patriots, and Bengals will fight it out for the two wildcard spots.

The National Football Conference

NFC North:

1. Vikings

2. Packers

3. Bears

4. Lions

This division will be closer than I first predicted with the Vikings winning it, but the Packers offense is better than last year. Look for these two teams to split their games against each other. If Favre or Rodgers go down with injuries, it could end the hopes of their teams.

NFC West:

1. 49ers

2. Seahawks

3. Cardinals

4. Rams

The 49ers will win the division; the other teams are not above 500.

NFC East:

1. Eagles

2. Cowboys

3. Giants

4. Redskins

This is a tough division to predict. The Cowboys offense has shown nothing. The Eagles have not looked that good. Both teams will make the playoffs. The Giants and Redskins will play spoilers in the last few weeks of the season.

NFC South:

1. Saints

2. Falcons

3. Panthers

4. Buccaneers

The Saints will still win the division, but the Falcons should make the playoffs. If Drew Brees stays healthy, look for the Saints to look better than last year.

NFC Playoffs:

1. Saints

2. Vikings

3. Eagles

4. 49ers

Wildcards: Packers, Falcons or Cowboys

The Saints and Vikings get the first round byes. The Eagles and 49ers get in by winning their division. The fight for the two wildcard spots will be between the Packers, Falcons and the Cowboys.

The Super Bowl:

The Ravens and Saints will play in the Super Bowl. The Ravens will win it.

Of course, these predictions are good until the first week is completed!

Have a great NFL season and here’s to your team winning lots of games (except for the Chargers, Broncos and Raiders). Go Chiefs!!!!

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