Social Networking for Politicians

Sometimes you just have to laugh out loud at politicians. In what could be a big year for Republicans, some here in Montana seem to be trying their best to wreck the Conservative train – and it’s being done from within – an implosion of sorts.

First, we had the fellow flying the USA flag upside down in Great Falls at a Tea Party rally because he was supposedly under distress because of Obama. That display was enough for me, not to mention many people I know, to not want to get close to this group – or even vote for them. I commended the Mayor for stepping in and saying something – even if it was a little nasty.

The next few examples are why you should never let politicians get on Social Networking sites until they promise not to post anything that their mothers wouldn’t approve.

The Big Sky Tea Party removed their President over the weekend. One reporter wrote that he was removed “for appearing to condone violence against homosexuals” in a post on Facebook.

Then, a GOP candidate in Red Lodge was caught on Facebook saying something about Obama “sodomizing America with the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.”

You can read those last two stories HERE.

And, there may be another one – this candidate was quoted in this STORY writing on Facebook, “The Gay community wants a war…they’ve got one!!”

One has to wonder who will be next.

Maybe the GOP, the Tea Party or the GOP Legislative Campaign Committee (the group that believes it’s such a sacrifice to live in Helena for 90 days) should hold a class about Social Networking – call it Social Networking 101 or Social Networking for the dim-witted.

For sure, one can call their actions stupid.

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  1. This has been so disheartening to me…it’s being cited ’round the blogosphere as “proof” that everyone who supports Tea Party principles is a racist, sexist, homophobic idiot. Gah.

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