Sports by the Numbers


The final score was 64-61 Saturday as the Montana State Bobcats beat the Sacramento State Hornets in overtime. The Bobcats were up by 27 points at halftime. Whatever the Bobcats did at halftime with the defense, they should stop it. The Hornets scored 35 points in the third quarter (five TDs to one for the Bobcats).

If you like offense, then this was the game for you. The teams combined for 1270 yards. If you had to leave to get snacks or go to the bathroom, you might have missed a touchdown or two.

But in the end, the Bobcats won after the Hornets missed a field goal in overtime.


That’s the number of baseball games the Pittsburgh Pirates lost during this Major League Baseball season. The Seattle Mariners lost 101.


That’s the number of points the Carroll College Saints put on the board against Montana State Northern Saturday, winning 65-13.


That’s the number of players the University of Tennessee Volunteers had on field for what should have been the final play of the game against LSU. The Vols stopped LSU from scoring with those 13 players, but they got caught. LSU had one more play; they scored and won the game.


The New York Giants sacked Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler nine times in the first half. Cutler suffered a concussion and sat out the second half. The Giants recorded another sack in the second half to bring the total to ten for the game.


The New England Patriots became the first team in NFL history to score a rushing touchdown, a receiving touchdown, a kickoff return for a touchdown, a blocked field goal for a touchdown and return an interception for a touchdown in the same game. That’s five TDs all scored in different ways. They also blocked a punt, but did not score in dismantling the Miami Dolphins 41-14.


That’s the number of victories for the Kansas City Chiefs this year, who are the NFL’s last undefeated team. They had a bye this last week. Next Sunday, they head to Indianapolis to take on the Colts…

100 Losses

Here we are on Monday and my mind is on Monday Night Football and the Kansas City Chiefs. But we are coming down to the end of the Major League Baseball season and there are a few races worth watching. The National League West is a three-team fight. The American League East is between the Yankees and the Rays and the National League East is a two team race.

MLB has about 142-144 games in the books of the 162 game schedule so there are about 20 games left to play for most teams.

One thing I look at is which teams may lose 100 games and there are a few teams this season who are fighting to keep from triple digit losses. Pittsburgh has lost 94 games. Seattle and Baltimore have lost 88 games each. Arizona has lost 86 and Cleveland has lost 85 and Kansas City has lost 84 games (as of the morning of September 13).

It’s been a long season for these teams, but they won’t beat the 2003 Detroit Tigers. They finished with a record of 43 wins and 119 losses. Not the worst ever, but pretty bad! According to this report, there have been 43 teams that lost 100 games or more since 1973 and the Tigers own five of those seasons. Continue reading