Thursday Numbers

Welcome to another edition of Thursday Numbers here at The Western Word!  Congratulations are in order because you’ve almost made it to another weekend.

For the new folks dropping by for the first time, Thursday Numbers is where I take a look at the numbers behind the news and provide some “Western Word” commentary with them.  This information can be used to amaze your friends, family, and co-workers.  People have been known to be cooler to their friends, family, and co-workers after reading (and using) this information.

This week I take a look at the numbers dealing with the Iraq War, unemployment, Christmas cards, winning, distracted driving, network contracts, followers, ages, debates, playing with the band, and a lot more.   Continue reading

Just Football…

There are just three weeks left in the NFL season before the playoffs, the college football playoffs are winding down, and the bowl season starts on Saturday.

It’s crunch time, so make sure you are stocked up on food and drink, there are fresh batteries in the remote, and you are ready for football heaven…

This week I take a look at some impressive performances in the NFL, the Kansas City Chiefs, the playoff picture, upcoming big games, bowl season, a magnificent catch, the playoffs, and a National Championship game!  Read on…

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Just Football…

Terrible!  I ended up 9-7 in my football contest last weekend – now I know I can’t make a living at picking the games – if I tried my table would be bare and the wine closet would be empty.

For the non-football fans out there you need to be advised that we are getting ready to enter the big month of football – playoff games, championships, bowl games and in about a month the NFL playoffs start!

So just be advised that we – the football fans of the world – will disappear and show up sometime in mid-January.  OK, we will hang out with the family on Christmas…

Today I take a look at the NFL, the BCS, bowling, the FCS, the NAIA and a man called Joe.  So read on…

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Just Football…

It was a good week for picking games!  I managed to pick 13 games correctly last week (out of 16), but finished out of the pizza.

We’re still holding out hope that ESPN will change its tune and allow a local network to televise the Montana and Montana State FCS playoff games on local television stations – more on this below.

This week I take a look at honors in the NFL, some unimpressive performances, the playoffs, Tebow, bathrooms, the BCS, the FCS, ESPN3, the Facebook page, the NAIA and results from the Championship games in Missouri!

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Just Football…

Welcome to another edition of “Just Football!”  This is the weekly column where I take a look at football from the NFL all the way down to High School!

With NFL week #11 under my belt I managed to pick 11 correctly (out of 14) but still out of winning the free pizza.  Watch out – I am like a turtle – slow and steady and coming on at the end!  Just a helpful reminder that there are three games on Thursday – so get your picks in early for Turkey Day.

Today I write about honors for some Lions, Philip Rivers and interceptions, my Chiefs, the BCS, the last Border War game, handling traffic tickets in Kansas, the Cats, the Griz, the Saints are marching, high school football, and a special place to crown champions in Missouri!

There’s a lot more…. Continue reading

Just Football…

Going just 9-7 in last week’s NFL Pick the winners contest will not feed the family.  My wife reminded me that she was kind of counting on me winning a pizza party this season, so the pressure is on!  Now my mission is to study more – which means watching more football…

This week’s “Just Football” column deals with honors in the NFL, impressive and unimpressive performances, injuries, the BCS, games to watch, Penn State, the Griz at the Cats and my analysis, NAIA playoffs, high school football championships, and a note about the scheduling!

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Just Football…

This past week in the pick the winner (NFL games) contest, I went 8-6.   Just terrible.  I did not think the Chiefs would have that big a letdown after the Chargers game, but they did.   I also figured the Steelers would beat the Ravens in Pittsburgh and that Buffalo would handle the Jets.  Oh well, there’s another week and the games are getting to be more important each week from the NFL all the way down to high school.

This week in “Just Football” I take a look at the some honors in the NFL, an unimpressive performance, Thursday night NFL football, the BCS, Penn State, Mizzou, the Cats and the Griz, and the fighting Saints of Carroll College! Continue reading

Just Football…

It was very tough in the NFL pick contest this last week – I went 7-6.  There were some upsets (like the Jaguars beating the Ravens) but I am still holding my own against those paid sports people!

At first I was disappointed that the World Series was being played on Sunday and Monday nights – because that is football night!  After the Saints were up 34-7 at the half (Sunday night) and the Ravens and Jaguars played a very boring game on Monday Night, it was OK.  I went back and forth watching the games.

In case you are new to “Just Football” then welcome!  Just about every Tuesday during football season, I take a look at some of the NFL teams, major college and FCS games, throw in some high school football, plus a few pieces of info you won’t get anywhere else.  Continue reading

Just Football…

OK, we’ve got week one of the NFL season under our belts and half of the teams are losers.  That means there’s only about a 25% chance those “losers” will make the playoffs – that’s a cold hard fact.

We also have a couple weeks of college football in the books and even the high schools are well into their seasons.

My eyes are a little tired this morning – it all started Thursday night with the NFL kickoff and ended with a Monday Night Football doubleheader about midnight (in the Mountain Time Zone) with the Raiders beating the Broncos.

So after the first full weekend of football, here are some of the games, the teams, and the people that caught my attention from the pros all the way down to the high school – read on… Continue reading

Football: It’s Almost Over

The major college football season ended last night with Auburn beating Oregon for the mythical Bowl Championship Series (BCS) National Championship.

It was an entertaining game to watch. The 30+ days the teams had off showed as both teams were a little shaky in the scoreless first quarter.

I watched most of the 35 bowl games. Many were competitive and many had a lot of empty seats. About 32 of them were televised on the ESPN/ABC networks.

Ridiculous: Continue reading