The Wednesday Read

Patience, young grasshopper.

We may not know who won the Presidential race for a few days, but we do know that the Montana Republicans are cleaning the clocks of the Montana Democrats in the statewide races.

In most races, the Republicans are beating the Democrats soundly. The results are not official yet, but this is what I am seeing so far.

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The Monday Memo

The ballot is stronger than the bullet. – Abraham Lincoln

Today’s independent commentary deals with these people/issues:

  • Campaign Lit (Final Update)
  • My Election Day Predictions
  • One More Thing

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Campaign 2012: Flyers in My Mailbox 4

In the past three weeks I’ve written about how much campaign literature I’ve received in the mail and that it is probably helping the U.S. Postal Service (USPS).

I posted a slideshow of some of the literature and since these columns were widely read, I’ve got round four ready to go! The campaign literature just keeps rolling in!

For your viewing pleasure, I’ve scanned a few of the flyers that got my attention. Note: Just because I use a flyer does not mean that I agree with the information.

Here’s an update about the one local state legislative candidate (running for reelection) and his support groups that have been sending me tons of literature: Last week I wrote that he and his supporters had graced my mailbox and/or doorknob with 16 flyers (so far). We are now up to 20 flyers with a week to go until Election Day! Whoop, whoop!

Enjoy the show!

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