Politics 2012: Campaign Ads

Since we’re within a year of the 2012 Election, we’re seeing more and more campaign ads hit the airwaves – and also some issue-related ads are out which can help or hurt candidates.

Here at The Western Word we’re going to try to publish as many of them as we can find, so if you see a campaign commercial, please feel free to send me the link to my e-mail address listed on the right side of the screen.

Today we have six videos!  They are about Veterans and the Postal Service, Huntsman’s weather vane, Romney hits Perry on illegal immigration, Cain on the EPA, a thank you to Max Baucus, and a thank you to Jon Tester.  Enjoy! Continue reading

Thursday Numbers

Congratulations!  You’ve almost got another week under your belt and to help you make it through another Thursday I bring you my “Thursday Numbers” column!

Rest easy – Friday is only a day away…

In case you are a new visitor, “Thursday Numbers” is a look at some of the numbers in the news recently – which are often presented with commentary or sarcasm or both!

This week I take a look at food stamps, views of YouTube videos, unemployment, income taxes, book purchases, jobs being eliminated, NASCAR, Baseball, the Governor’s trip, a “deadly” gas drive-off, and much more!  So to be in the know, please read on… Continue reading

Monday Morning Politics

Happy Halloween to my faithful readers!  That’s a real scary mask you have on today!

Almost every Monday I take a look at some of the local, state, and national political stories that were in the news over the weekend and put them in one place for all to see.

This week I talk about a few issues in a local commission race, free advertising, YouTube videos, campaign ads, and much more – so read on… Continue reading

Politics 2012: Campaign Ads

As we get closer to Election Day 2012, The Western Word will take a look at some of the campaign ads that are hitting the airwaves.

Today, I take a look at three ads!  First there’s a local (Montana) ad from the Montana Hunters and Anglers Action against Congressman Denny Rehberg, then I check out a new Herman Cain ad that has people talking, and finally there’s one from Rick Perry about jobs.

Of course, there’s also some commentary about each… Continue reading

CNN Presidential Debate

The GOP Presidential candidates invaded Las Vegas Tuesday to participate in the CNN Western Republican Presidential Debate.  Anderson Cooper was the moderator.

Headlines today range from “Candidates come out Swinging” to “Sparks fly at GOP event” to “GOP Front-Runners Catch Heat” to “Republican rivals get rough in Las Vegas debate.”  They are all true.

It was nasty.  It was contentious.  Some observers are wondering if the GOP will be able to unite after the primary is over.  Let’s take a look at it! Continue reading

Monday Morning Politics

For the past four months or so, we’ve scanned the internet and looked at the local newspapers over the weekend for political stories that you need to know.  Then on Mondays, we put them in one place for you to read. Of course, I do have to offer some commentary about each.

Today we take a look at the flavor of the month, Saturday Night Live, a Congress gone mad, priorities, Max, F-15s, and much much more!  So take a few minutes and catch up on the political news from the past weekend! Continue reading

Debates and Football

Gee whiz CNN – you should never schedule a CNN/Tea Party debate when there’s a super-duper double helping of Monday Night Football on.  C’mon man…what were you thinking?

CNN has the debate divided into four sections on their website.  So I watched it.  Today.  I nodded off during a Michele Bachmann tirade regarding Rick Perry and 12 year old girls.  Continue reading

The Republican Debate

I happened to catch the Republican Presidential debate last night at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.  It was televised by MSNBC. I tweeted during the debate that it was like “anything you can do, I can do better” time.

I decided to sleep on it and then write this column (besides I was listening to a baseball game).  So, here are a few short lines about each of the eight contenders.  I give medals (Gold, Silver, and Bronze) to the three who made the podium.  Enjoy and discuss. Continue reading

Caught My Eye…

Happy Friday – we made it again!  Summer vacations are winding down and school starts soon – what a freaking bummer – but we do have about three weekends left before “the end.”

For the new folks, Caught My Eye is the (almost) award-winning weekly column where I take a look at some of the stories I did not have time to write about during the week.  I offer some brief comments about the stories and sometimes add just a touch of sarcasm!

This week I talk about the Iowa debate, the Downpour Music Festival, I check the e-mails in my political inbox, I comment about rural air service, talk about the supercommittee and much more!  So please read on… Continue reading