MT Legislature: It’s a Circus!

Back in January I wrote about legislators heading to Helena with the best intentions, but for some reason they end up drinking out of the “stupid fountain” that must be somewhere down a dark hall in the capitol. I then added that many of these people end up making asses of themselves and embarrass Montana

As we get further and further into the 64th session of the Montana Legislature, it seems more and more legislators have discovered that fountain. It’s a circus.

For those readers not acquainted with the workings of the Montana Legislature, they meet every two years for 90 days. Their main job is to balance the budget – and that is already required by the Montana Constitution, which most people think should make their jobs pretty easy.

This week a Republican state legislator named Matthew Monforton decided that there’s not enough work for Montana Legislators to do in these 90 days, so he introduced House Joint Resolution 4 (HJR 4) that if passed would have Montana “join 24 other states in supporting a convention that would amend the U.S. Constitution to require a balanced federal budget.” (Source)


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