Tuesday’s Quick Hits

Here are the topics that caught my attention for today’s column:

  • MT- U.S. Senate 2024
  • Montana Supreme Court
  • Pinocci’s Signs
  • One More Thing

MT- U.S. SENATE 2024:

I remember back in 2006 when challenger Jon Tester beat my boss, U.S. Senator Conrad Burns, by 3,562 votes. That number has been stuck in my head since then.

A third-party candidate, Libertarian Stan Jones, received 10,377 votes. Tester did not get 50% of the vote that year., so that meant that Burns and Jones, the more conservative candidates received over 50% (50.84%) of the vote to Tester’s 49.16%.

Those 10,377 idiots, yes idiots, who voted for Jones gave Tester the victory. That’s a fact. I imagine many felt that Burns was not conservative enough or believed the crap that was being spewed by Lee Newspapers, the GF Tribune, and the AP during the campaign. The RINO shit was being peddled back then, too.

I recently read that the Republicans in the state legislature want to beat Tester so bad that they have introduced a bill to make sure only the top two vote-getters in the primary move on to the general. That way no third-party candidate can take votes from the conservative or liberal, but it is designed to beat Tester, a Democrat, and the last Democrat standing who has a state-wide office.

The Montana Free Press (MTFP) reports that the bill as written discusses only U.S. Senate elections and sunsets in 2025. The bill is Senate Bill 566, sponsored by Sen. Greg Hertz, R-Polson, Maybe Hertz got the idea from Russia, North Korea, or China. It sounds like something they would do to win.

We do know the leader of the Republican Party, Donald Trump was recorded asking Georgia officials to find him more votes, so we know the Republicans will do about anything to win.

The Republicans wouldn’t want to cause U.S. Senator Steve Daines to lose, so they will sunset it before his election.

I have said for years now that I would like to see the state legislature make it easier for independent candidates to get on the ballot. This two-party system is taking us down the toilet. I think the Republicans are afraid of competition and won’t make it easier. Senate Bill 566 is another way to keep people off the ballot.

I’m not sure I could sleep at night if I were a Republican state legislator and tried some of the sleazy shit they are doing to stay in power and gain more power. They are looking desperate.

I urge the legislature to vote NO on SB 566.

You can read the complete report from the MTFP by clicking HERE.


I read in the Montana Free Press (MTFP) that the House Judiciary Committee on Thursday endorsed a proposed constitutional amendment that would end state Supreme Court elections in Montana, giving the governor power to appoint justices to the bench with Senate confirmation.

I guess if the governor is from your party you would be for this bill. Right now, a governor can only serve two terms so they could get a few justices on the state Supreme Court in eight years.

I am undecided if I like this idea. I don’t like seeing judges at any level prostituting themselves like a common politician for votes, but I do like being able to vote for or against a judge. Most district and state supreme court judges do not meet my high standards for being a good judge.

I kind of get the feeling that if this is placed on the ballot, it will fail.

Readers – what are your thoughts?

Read the MTFP report HERE.


I read a story about this the other day and was amused. The Daily Montanan reported that the Montana Department of Transportation has sent letters to residents and Public Service Commissioner Randy Pinocci, a Republican from Sun River, warning them to either take down political signage from the 2022 election or face penalties.

The signs are supposedly on private property which really makes me shake my head. I also found out there’s a law about it. Here is what the Daily Montanan reported:

Montana law – the Montana Outdoor Advertising Act — says that signs must be removed from property within 14 days of an election. However, the sign prohibition only occurs in political advertising, not other types.

I don’t travel as much as I used to, but I used to see campaign signs all over long after the campaign season was over.

Pinocci’s Attorney, Matthew Monforton, has filed a complaint with the U.S. District Court in Helena, This will be interesting.

Read the complete story from the Daily Montanan HERE.


The Justice Department confirmed today that former President Donald J. Trump will be tried as an adult

Note to MAGA folks – the above sentence was a joke…

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6 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Quick Hits

  1. It appears SB 566 ( the anti Tester bill) will pass and no doubt be signed by Gianforte.
    I think the Montana Libertarian party will quickly be in court on this bill and actually have been fairly successful in their legal battles. This may backfire on the GOP and drive the dissatisfied Libertarians to actually hold their nose and vote for Tester. It’s just a very anti democratic bill all around, and shows the GOP is worried Mr. No(Rosendale) on all matters concerning any decent government bills can’t beat Tester, leaving them with their other choices Zinke or probably not really interested Gianforte or Knutsen. There are actually many farmers and ranchers Republicans in Montana that will vote for Tester. Tester has the Montana Veterans vote tied up as he has delivered for then time and again. Besides Montana Attorney General and staff are going to be in court even more then last session defending the indefensible unconstitutional bills passed this session. A sad waste of taxpayer dollars. Most of these unjust bills had huge number of opponents and few if any proponents but it made no difference to the committees who most times voted party line in favor as if the GOP was on a mission to destroy the rights of a small minority group and impose their Christian Nationalism ideology on all of us. It doesn’t appear the mess at State Hospital or Deer Lodge has really been addressed. Housing issues were lightly addressed with no help for renters . Child care for struggling family got nothing. Yes I will get couple checks for income and property taxes but the property tax system is broken and got no fix. Anti pot folks tried to overrule the Montana citizens and steal the money where it’s supposed to go. The problem is unless the Montana Democrat Party changes course and gets serious about electing candidates in rural Montana this sad state of one party rule will go on and only get worse for all of us.

  2. I like voting for judges. I also like that so many people call and ask me who should get their vote. Sorry to hear you dislike the majority of judges.

  3. Pinocci better go visit his buddy Gov Greg and urge him to rein in the folks in his D.O.T. and tell them to stay in their lane. Everyone knows that the laws of Montana do not apply to Republican politicians.

    And no Pinocci is not the only one. As an example I believe that huge LOLA sign appropriately located in the manure yard just west of town on I-15 is still up too.

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