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Here are the topics that caught my attention for today’s column:

  • Trump Arraignment
  • NRSC & Tester
  • Now, There are Three
  • One More Thing


Depending on who was talking or what news station was reporting the news, that former President Donald Trump was charged with 34 felony counts, the case was either weak or strong.

The Associated Press (AP) reported the arraignment in a Manhattan courtroom was a stunning — and humbling — spectacle for the first ex-president to ever face criminal charges.

The AP also reported about the charges:

The indictment centers on allegations that Trump falsified internal business records at his private company while trying to cover up an effort to illegally influence the 2016 election by arranging payments that silenced claims potentially harmful to his candidacy. It includes 34 counts of fudging records related to checks Trump sent to his personal lawyer and problem-solver to reimburse him for his role in paying off a porn actor who said she had an extramarital sexual encounter with Trump years earlier.

The next court date is in December, which means that the actual court case might land right in the middle of the presidential primary.

There wasn’t a mugshot taken of Trump. Even current Montana Governor Greg Gianforte (R-MT) had a mugshot taken when he assaulted a reporter during his U.S. House campaign. (Source)

After the arraignment, Trump headed back to Florida to give a scathing speech at his Mar-a-Lago estate. The Washington Post reported that U.S. Representative Matt Rosendale (R-MT) was in attendance. (Source).

Rosendale is going full MAGA.

You can read the AP report HERE.


The National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) as well as their counterparts on the Democratic side don’t rate too highly in my book.

They both know how to screw up campaigns rather well – that is campaigns they hope to win. Most of the people who work there are lousy at their jobs. I have always thought they should just raise money and shut up about everything else because they tend to screw it up.

This week the NRSC went after U.S. Senator Jon Tester (D-MT) about his remarks regarding the Chinese spy balloon in which he said it, “doesn’t put our national security at risk.” (Source) The NRSC used a report from NBC News, which is odd considering I did not think Republicans were allowed to watch any news source but Fox.

Then the next day they went after him for not commenting about the “Drag Show.” I guess they wanted Tester to show some fake outrage like that which came from U.S. Senator Steve Daines, U.S. Representatives Matt Rosendale, and Ryan Zinke.

The NRSC spokeswomen said, “Jon Tester should immediately open an investigation into whether the Biden DOD used taxpayer dollars to fund ‘Drag Story Hour’ for children.” — NRSC Spokeswoman Maggie Abboud (Source)

How effing dumb is this spokeswoman?

The Pentagon already issued a statement that was reported here and by the local news:

“Private organizations on military bases are able to host voluntary events to celebrate monthly observances or cultural events if approved by the local installation commander.
These events are not government funded and attendance by service members or their families is strictly voluntary.”

Although I don’t speak for Tester (but I could do a fabulous job at it), the reason why he did not comment about the Drag Queen story hour at Malmstrom AFB is because it is a NOTHINGBURGER.

Be better, NRSC.


ABC/Fox Montana is reporting there are now three people running for mayor of Great Falls:

Ahead of the municipal election in Great Falls Nov. 7, three candidates have announced they are running for mayor of Great Falls as of Monday.
Mayoral candidates include current Great Falls commissioner Joe McKenney, former Cascade County Undersheriff Cory Reeves and resident and community advocate Casey Schreiner.

Best of luck to all – the way to get my vote is to promise not to raise taxes and fees.

With how screwed up the Cascade County Elections office is, I have my doubts we’ll have an election on November 7 – at least one we can put our trust in the results.

Read the ABC/FOX Montana story HERE.


Until wokeness is used to kill a classroom full of children, Congress should focus on guns. – @middleageriot

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11 thoughts on “The Wednesday Read

  1. Larry
    Yes signatures change. Your new old person signature is on file so should be good. I part time worked at the election office ages ago. Calls were made to elderly voters because their signatures looked better. Usually an adult relative “helping out.” Also moms, usually, irate that they couldn’t apply on their college aged kids’ behalf to get absentee ballots sent to her.

    • The audacity of the Republicans wanting to make it harder to vote is outrageous. I’m sure they will take what they learn from this conference and apply it in the next election.
      Thanks for the info! -JmB

      • If voter suppression is requiring ID or checking signatures on mail in & absentee ballots, I’m all for it.

      • I have no problem with any of that. For low income people who can’t afford to pay for an ID, they should be able to get an ID at no cost.
        Thanks, JmB

      • Ballot signatures are ridiculous. I got called last election because mine looked suspicious supposedly. But guess what. When those of us cursed with poor penmanship hit our seventies, it gets even worse! I simply can’t sign legibly any more. Guess I’ll have to go down and sign in person every election now. I doubt those folks are handwriting experts.

  2. 2015, My advice was: If you see Trump on television, turn the channel. DO NOT LISTEN TO HIM!!!. Good advice then – Better advice now. D.V.F.T.P. I think America is the greatest country on earth. I think Montana is one of our greatest states. That does not mean we do not have problems, serious problems. The representative democracy is working as intended. We are getting what we voted for. 1. Gianforte, Certified liar (pick a subject, land use, assault, etc.) 2. Zinke is completely shady, self-interest. 3. Rosendale Rep NO in congress. supports overturning free and fair elections. 4. Daines , the list is very long, wanted to overturn a free and fair election. All of these elected people are supporting Trump. If you do not support Trump you are smarter than them. DON’T VOTE FOR THESE PEOPLE !!

  3. I think the old GOP would cringe at the actions of the new GOP. I think the election in Wisconsin yesterday is a warning clangon to the party. They need to wake up – except “woke” is now verboten.

      • Our country has been here before. For an excellent review of that history, I would recommend a podcast: Rachel Maddow presents Ultra.

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