The Monday Memo

Here are some of the topics that recently caught my attention:

  • Washington & Confederate Troops
  • Gas Stoves
  • NFC/AFC Championships


As I mentioned last week, the Montana Freedom Caucus held an event in Helena in the state capitol.

Republican State Senator Theresa Manzella, who is the leader of the Freedom Caucus, spoke about George Washington leading confederate soldiers across the Delaware river.

I did not hear Manzella’s whole speech, so I wonder if she mentioned the Germans bombing Pearl Harbor…

Check out the video from ABC/FOX HERE.


After I read on the internet that U.S. President Joe Biden’s administration is planning to ban gas stoves over concerns surrounding climate change, I went into survival mode. I increased the security around The Western Word world headquarters. I spent most of the weekend keeping watch on anyone coming to my door to try and take my gas stove.

Then my wife informed me that we did not own a gas stove and that we had an electric stove. So, I stood down.

Seriously, the claim that Biden and his administration are planning to ban gas stoves over concerns surrounding climate change is rated false by Snopes. Check it out HERE.

PolitiFact also says the ban on gas stoves is false. Check it out HERE.


It’s the 49ers at the Eagles and the Bengals at the Chiefs with the winners headed to the Super Bowl.

Both games will be played this Sunday (Jan. 29). The Niners/Eagles game starts at 1:00 pm Montana time. It is being televised on Fox. The Bengals/Chiefs game starts at 4:30 pm Montana time. It will be televised on CBS.

My Chiefs survived an ankle injury to quarterback Patrick Mahomes to beat the Jaguars 27-20. The Bengals went to Buffalo and easily handled the Bills 27-10.

This will be the Chiefs’ fifth straight AFC Championship game. I am spoiled as a Chiefs fan.

The Bengals have owned the Chiefs lately, beating them three straight times. This will be a tough one for the Chiefs, especially if Mahomes is still hurting from his ankle sprain, but they do get to play at home.

The Super Bowl is Sunday, February 12. It starts at 4:30 pm Montana time. Fox has the broadcast.

You can check out the schedule HERE.



3 thoughts on “The Monday Memo

  1. Manzella’s claim that Washington led Confederate troops across the Delaware is no doubt part of Hillsdale College’s “conservative alternate history for an alternate reality” program.

    Personal favorite moment of that video: Guy who had been aimlessly standing around eventually wanders over to interrupt her speech and whisper in her ear that it was snowing. Montana! January! Snow! Will wonders never cease!

    • Haha. She should have said, “I’m talking here” when he interrupted her with his weather report.

    • Um, right you are, Terry. One of the biggest parts of Manzella’s education (her formal education seems to have ended about junior high) was a course from Hillsdale College. And it appears to have been successful, for Hillsdale implores their students to be “fools for Christ”, which Theresa has taken to heart lest they be “drugged” away from the path of righteous and freedom. I kid you not. It’s no slip of the tongue for her to have Washington commanding confederates, for I’m sure that in her mind he was. Fool for Christ is all that matters.

      I would encourage folks to understand just who these outta state MAGAs are that want to destroy Montana. And there’s lots of them in our Lege. Watch the short video to see a MAGA in their own words, and then decide if this is a person who should be deciding Montana’s future. You will be amazed at what we’ve done to our government.

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