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Pain heals. Chicks dig scars. Glory lasts forever. – Shane Falco

In today’s column, I take a quick look at these people/issues:

  • Hate In Great Falls
  • More Political Hit Pieces
  • Levine Vs Grubich
  • Reading Assignments
  • One More Thing


Last week I wrote about a “suspicious death” reported at the First United Methodist Church in Great Falls.

On Monday, The Electric reported that the Cascade County Sheriff’s Office has identified the person who died at the First United Methodist Church downtown on Oct. 19 as Dianna Sue Cole. The cause of death was complications of chronic alcoholism. An autopsy was conducted on Oct. 21 and a medical examiner determined that Cole’s death was natural causes from complications of chronic alcoholism.

There were a lot of hateful and vial comments from the Facebook “lawyers” and Facebook “social workers” after the initial report. One person commented on a local official’s Facebook page, “Ok one down.” Another person chimed in, “It was just a matter of time. FUMC now has blood on their hands.”

The whole situation did not show Great Falls in a positive light. Shame on the haters. Be better.

May Dianna Sue Cole rest in peace.


Two weeks ago, I wrote that you can almost set your clocks to it. I was talking about the political hit pieces from the various groups arriving around the same time the ballots hit the mailbox.

Both sides do it and some of the fliers are pretty funny. Some are poorly written, and others are just plain dumb. I actually like them.

I’ve noticed that the Montana Republican State Central Committee is spending some serious bucks trying to buy a State Supreme Court seat for James Brown. This is a non-partisan seat, with the Republicans all in trying to buy the seat for Brown. I wonder how Republican Joe Six-Pack, who is in a tight race in his House District, feels about it?

By the way, here is the latest flier hit piece attacking Ingrid Gustafson from the Republicans. This time they used both sides of the flier to attack her.


I will be voting for Gustafson. I hope you will join me.


We had some great discussion on “The Monday Memo” column about the Lee Newspapers ARTICLE that was about the only contested district court race in the state. The race is between the former judge, Michele Levine, and the current judge, David Grubich, here in Cascade County.

One thing I don’t like to see is lawyers donating to a judge’s campaign. It smells. I don’t think a lawyer should ever be able to argue a case in front of a judge if the lawyer has donated to the judge’s campaign.

Is there a Republican or Democrat in the state legislature who has the guts to introduce a bill to make this illegal? I doubt it.


Here are some articles/programs you should read/view…

60 MinutesAmerican Prairie: Creating a huge new nature reserve in Montana
This was an interesting piece about their plans for Montana…

60 MinutesDominion Voting Systems CEO speaks out against conspiracy theories
If you know someone who believes the election was stolen, run far away from them because they are nutjobs…


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1 thought on “Tuesday’s Quick Hits

  1. As the MAGAs in our lege become ever more misogynistic and authoritarian, it’s good to remember what they’re using as their model. The similarities are profound. Kinder, Kuche, Kirche, which loosely translates as women, like cows, have more worth if they’re “preg tested vessels.” In fact, that’s their only worth.

    Not sure that that’s where we want to go.


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