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Note: You can relax – In the immortal words of Sir Elton John, “I’m still standing!” I know some were worried that some MAGA person took me out. My Spectrum internet was down for several hours last night and early this morning, so I did not post. Was it a conspiracy?

Quote for the day…

I suffer from that disorder where I speak the truth and it pisses people off. – Unknown

Today’s independent commentary deals with these issues:

  • Levine vs Grubich
  • More Political Hit Pieces
  • Student Debt Cancellation
  • One More Thing


Over the weekend, Lee Newspapers reported about the only contested district court race in the state, which is between the former judge, Michele Levine, and current judge, David Grubich, here in Cascade County.

I don’t commend the press often, but this was a very good article from Seaborn Larson of Lee Newspapers.

By the way, I reside in Cascade County, so I get to vote in this contest.

Cascade County is void of decent district court judges except for Elizabeth Best. The rest of the judges I would not want to judge a pie-baking contest.

I think Levine would be a good judge like Best. That is why I will be voting for her. We need brains in the District Court bench, not a Greg Gianforte puppet, which I consider Grubich.

Larson shines a light on the partisan process in which Grubich came to power:

David Grubich, the incumbent judge in the race, came to the bench through that new process. His challenger, Michele Levine, was the appointee left by the previous Democratic governor who Republicans rejected amid that newly heightened scrutiny.

Larson goes on to report:

Levine, 42, was one of Democratic Gov. Steve Bullock’s final judicial appointments in his last year in office, and appears to have been the only judicial appointment in the 50 years the Judicial Nomination Commission existed to be rejected by the state Senate during a confirmation process that has long been something of a formality.

Grubich said in the article, “I’m not politically connected; my support came from Cascade County.”

I call that statement bullshit. Has Grubich donated to candidates and received money from donors? Just tell the effing truth.

Open Secrets tells the facts.

Larson adds this:

…Lt. Gov. Kristen Juras, a Republican, attended a fundraiser for Grubich earlier this year.

In my humble opinion, the whole process in which Grubich attained his present position was tainted by politics and partisanship. We can’t let the MAGA folks take over the courts in Montana or Montana will go further down the MAGA shitter.

Read the complete report from Lee Newspapers HERE.


Two weeks ago, I wrote that you can almost set your clocks to it. I was talking about the political hit pieces from the various groups arriving around the same time the ballots hit the mailbox.

Both sides do it and some of the fliers are pretty funny. Some are poorly written, and others are just plain dumb. I actually like them.

But we all know that many voters, especially the MAGA folks, are dumber than a box of hair, so they probably eat these lies up.

One of my favorite hit pieces arrived in my mailbox over the weekend. I define hit pieces as promoting one candidate on one side of the flier and on the other side, there are some negative things about their opponent.

I don’t care which way they lean. I am independent.

The latest one promotes State Supreme Court Justice Ingrid Gustafson and hits her opponent James Brown pretty hard.

Click HERE for the front. Click HERE for the back.

Brown (no relation) is a MAGA candidate promoted and endorsed by the extreme members of the Montana Republican Party.

I will be voting for Gustafson.


In Friday’s column, I wrote that Thursday was a good day for the Biden Administration and for people seeking relief through the student debt cancellation program.

Now there is a bump in the road.

The Washington Post (WaPo) reported late Friday evening that a federal appeals court on Friday evening blocked the imminent cancellation of federal student loans under President Biden’s debt relief program, days after millions of borrowers began applying for up to $20,000 in forgiveness.

WaPo added, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 8th Circuit granted an administrative stay while it considers a request for an injunction filed by a coalition of six Republican-led states seeking to block the forgiveness program.

I don’t have any student loans to forgive, but I am happy if people who do can get some relief. I saw a few comments praising the Appeals Court granting the administrative stay. These are bitter people who would have cheered the student debt plan if Trump had done it. They are probably uneducated.

I don’t think the states can stop it. It is a federal program. Full disclosure: I am not a lawyer, and I don’t play one on TV.

Check out the WaPo article HERE.


There’s a Facebook post making the rounds again that claims:

A new Facebook/Meta rule allows the company to use your photos without permission and posting a legal notice on your page will prevent it from doing so.

It’s false.

I wonder if the dummies who post things like that ever think about checking to see if it’s factual first.

Check out the report from Snopes HERE.



13 thoughts on “The Monday Memo

  1. A secondary quote for the day – “I will make a bargain with the Republicans. If they will stop telling lies about Democrats, we will stop telling the truth about them.”
    Adlai Stevenson II

  2. Tell the effing truth you say – then a link to donations.
    Did you find any elected Republicans who donated directly to Grubich?
    I doubt it.

    • Grubich said “I’m not politically connected; my support came from Cascade County.”
      I think that is a lie. He has and had been politically connected to get the job. So was Levine, but she did not make the statement.
      You should check both ways – donations given and donations received for all candidates.
      The truth is out there. 😁
      Thanks, JmB

    • Luckily for us, this is easy to check.

      The COPP campaign contribution tracker lists a number of donations to Grubich from elected Republican officials such as Kristen Juras, Ed Buttrey and Wendy McKamey, people whose more common names match Republican elected officials (Fred Anderson, Steven Fitzpatrick), Repub candidates including Nikolakakos, and a number of known local Republican operatives/activists.

      The only reliably Dem “name” I see contributing to Levine is Amanda Curtis.

      • Terry – Thanks. One thing to remember is that people who want appointments also grease the skids by donating to officials who might help them down the road. It happens a lot. – JmB

      • The same tool would seem to indicate that the only contributions Grubich has made at least since Jan 1 2018 are to the campaign of David Grubich.

      • I’ve found the state of Montana websites on campaign donations rather archaic. I use open secrets and other sites. That’s how I became pretty good at opposition research over the years. It’s like a puzzle. Thanks, JmB

      • Thanks Terry
        I’m failing at finding the information you’ve pointed out about Republican Candidates’ direct contributions to Grubich but I’ll trust your information.
        I stand corrected! Majorly corrected.
        Frankly I’m dumbfounded.

      • Not sure what you mean by dumbfounded. Politics play a role in Grubich’s and Levine’s campaigns and before they ran. Only Grubich says he is not political.
        I plan on writing about lawyers donating to judges. If that happens a lawyer should never go before that judge. It smells. Thanks for all the comments. I love it!

      • Dumbfounded about partisan elected officials’ contributions being accepted by a district court judicial candidate. I understood it to be contrary to the Judicial Code of Ethics.

  3. It seems that “will is supplanting reason” and, unfortunately, it seems to be winning. The Republicans are truthfully telling that they will cut social security and medicare: probably not a good idea as it will put financial pressure on the private sector. After all, the elderly get sick more often and are generally on fixed incomes. Just one example of will over reason. D.V.F.T.P. (don’t vote for these people).

  4. Trump would never have done the student loan forgiveness plan for anyone to cheer it or hate on it. It benefits middle class people, not the wealthy elites he represented.

    If he was concerned with any debt forgiveness at all as president it was more in the line of gutting the IRS to make sure wealthy tax cheats like himself never had to pay their debts. And not paying the City of El Paso his campaign rally debt, etc.

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