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In today’s column, I take a look at these people/issues:

  • Political Hit Pieces
  • Montana & California
  • Dominion Voting Systems
  • The Lincoln Project


This campaign season I have been featuring the campaign hit pieces I have received in my mailbox.

The hit pieces are fliers that most of the time promote one candidate and attack another candidate. Sometimes both sides of the flier are devoted to attacking one candidate.

I recently received a flier from the Montana AFL-CIO promoting Montana Supreme Court Justice Ingrid Gustafson and going after her opponent, James Brown.

Check out the front HERE and the back HERE.

As I have written before, I am voting for Gustafson. We can’t let the MAGA folks take over the courts in Montana or Montana will go further down the MAGA shitter.

By the way, I did a quick check of how much campaign literature I’ve received during this election season. I counted 60 pieces of campaign material, so far. The post office must be doing well this year!


On the personal Facebook page of Rick Tryon, who is also a Great Falls City Commissioner, he posted a photo that stated:

Montana doesn’t give a shit how you did it in California

He adds, “Montana friends, I hope you find this one simple guideline to filling out your ballot helpful.”

I wonder how people feel about California-born Steve Daines, California-born Greg Gianforte, and California-born Troy Downing. That’s three statewide officeholders from California! All Republicans.

I’ll bet there are more pesky Californians in the legislature.

Like the above folks, I was not born in Montana. I was born in Missouri and actually lived a life before settling in Montana, where I have been told more than a few times to leave. Many times, it was not in a nice way.

I plan on sticking around just to piss people off…


I mentioned the story on 60 Minutes about Dominion Voting Systems yesterday, but I wanted to expand on it some.

In case you missed the attacks on Dominion, here is a refresher from 60 Minutes:

Days after the 2020 presidential election, lawyers supporting then-President Donald Trump, including Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani, began spreading unsubstantiated claims that Dominion Voting Systems, an American company, had rigged the election. They said Dominion was backed by Venezuela and that its machines and software switched millions of votes from Donald Trump to Joe Biden. They never showed any evidence, but that didn’t stop pro-Trump attorneys from making baseless claims, or conservative news networks from giving them plenty of airtime.

John Poulos is the CEO of Dominion Voting Systems. He told 60 Minutes that irreparable damage has been done to his company and his employees.

“People have been put into danger. Their families have been put into danger. Their lives have been upended and all because of lies,” Poulos said. “It was a very clear calculation that they knew they were lies. And they were repeating them and endorsing them.”

It was also reported that Dominion has filed eight lawsuits seeking more than $10 billion in damages against Fox News, and other networks, corporations and individuals. Efforts by Fox News and other defendants to have the Dominion lawsuits dismissed have been rejected by the courts.

We need to stop the MAGA nutjobs from spreading lies about the election being stolen. Trump still spreads these lies today. The election was not stolen. It was secure. Trump lost. Biden won.

Read/watch the 60 Minutes piece about Dominion HERE.


We owe the folks who created The Lincoln Project a great deal for their help in defeating Donald Trump in 2020.

The premium television network Showtime did a five-part documentary series about The Lincoln Project. I watched it and it is very good.

Here is the description:

THE LINCOLN PROJECT is a five-part docu-series following a veteran group of former GOP operatives and strategists known publicly as the Lincoln Project. The fastest-growing super PAC in America, takes on the task of “saving democracy” and defeating their own party’s sitting president, Donald Trump. While working to accomplish their stated goal of “defeating Trumpism,” the group is shaken by internal upheaval, a sexual harassment scandal, and a tidal wave of negative press.

Check out the website and watch the trailer HERE.

The Lincoln Project is still active today – visit their website HERE.

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6 thoughts on “The Wednesday Read

  1. For Rick tryon, who has finally realized that at this stage of his his life, his greatest accomplishment will have been to be a MAGA and Navy SEAL groupie! Pretty damn pathetic in my book!

  2. I was born in Illinois (spent first 30 years). Have 4 children born in Montana. BUT , they are only first generation 🙂 The question (among many) Have rich Californians improved the state?

    • I lived in Illinois for a few years. My dad worked road construction and built interstates and bridges near the quad cities. -JmB

      • I know the quad cities well. I was raised in a small village about 50 miles from that area. The interstate system made the area very accessible. I tell people I became a Montana when I voted NO on the sales tax 🙂

    • You could easily ask the same of rich Texans (or from wherever else), like those brothers that bought up a big ranch and blocked access to landlocked public lands in east/central Montana, or the people who have blocked public trails along the Crazy Mtns, or all the No Trespassing signs on ranches where we used to hunt growing up, or out-of-stater developments like the private clubs on the Boulder and Big Hole where they try to keep people off “their” river while the county sheriff looks the other way … for whatever rea$on.

      OTOH, Greg Gianforte’s company was the primary catalyst for Bozeman becoming a tech hub, and Dennis Washington is from Spokane. So there’s that.

      Aside from that, the image Tryon posted makes about zero sense in terms of the current election. Most of the out-of-staters running in Montana elections these days are Republicans. Might as well have posted a picture of a newt with the comment “Food for Thought!”

      • Those are good cogent comments. I don’t think public land should be blocked. An easement should be required.

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