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Only he who wanders, finds new paths. – Norwegian Proverb

In today’s column, I look at these people/issues:

  • The Wolf Pup
  • Great Falls Gun Show
  • E-City Beat


Several sources, including The Guardian, reported that Amber Rose Barnes, 36, was condemned for posting pictures of a dead Siberian husky – not the ‘predator wolf pup’ she believed she killed. She is a resident of Montana.

Here is The Guardian’s headline:

Outrage as Montana hunter poses with dog she killed after mistaking it for wolf

The story has gone viral. Some people believe she should have her hunting license revoked. I think that would be a good thing – a lifetime ban would be perfect. What is to keep her from shooting Smokey Bear or some hairy man she encounters in the great Montana wilderness.

I talked to my friend Bigfoot today. We met several years ago when we were on the UFO with Elvis. Bigfoot said he was heading deeper into the wilderness because “there are some dumbasses running around Montana with guns.”

I said, “Yep, that’s Montana!”

Even Fox News got in on the reporting with this headline:

Montana woman shoots, skins Siberian husky she mistook for a wolf

Nonetheless, she has embarrassed Montana and Montana hunters.

Read the report from The Guardian HERE.


The story was so important to KMON radio in Great Falls that they put the headline in all caps on their Facebook page:


KMON reported:

At around ten Saturday morning organizers of the gun show said there was a suspicious person in the parking lot taking pictures of vehicles at the gun show. The man taking the pictures turned out to be officer Richard Kurina who identified himself as a Lethbridge Police Officer who was working on a task force with the Canadian Mounted Police. He says the task force is designed to catch Canadians smuggling illegal firearms into Canada.

It was also reported that he was working with an officer from the ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives). For those of you not knowledgeable about the ATF, this agency is part of the United States Government. By the way, Montana is still part of the United States.

Cascade County Sheriff Jesse Slaughter responded to the fairgrounds and supposedly handled the situation. The ATF agent should have briefed the local law enforcement about their investigation unless they were worried that local law enforcement might rat them out. There seems to be a distrust of the Feds by “some” in the community, although the Federal government butters a lot of bread in central Montana.

Read the report from KMON HERE. Supposedly the Sheriff will be live on KMON Wednesday morning at 8:33 am to tell the story about how he saved our guns from the Feds and kept Great Falls from being overrun by a foreign country.

I can’t wait to read the book!


Rick Tryon, who occupies a non-partisan seat on the Great Falls City Commission, went after some of the local Democratic candidates in a post on the MAGA blog E-City Beat.

It seems that every election the folks at E-City Beat do a drive-by hit piece on a Democrat or two.

This time Tryon tied in the public safety levy to the Defund the Police cries a year or two ago. He went after Democrat Melissa Smith who is running in HD 23 against a MAGA candidate, Scot Kerns. Tryon said she “posted some troubling tweets concerning local law enforcement and public safety.”

I read the Tweets that Tryon shared. Since I live in HD 23 the race is important to me. I don’t agree with defunding the police, and I don’t want my taxes raised because Tryon and company can’t control spending in the city. They have raised my taxes and will continue to do so until we say enough.

I did not see anything in her tweets that will make me vote for her opponent.

Politics is a contact sport!

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8 thoughts on “The Wednesday Read

  1. Wow. Jesse got his first big bust……..of two fellow law enforcement officers! Kinda like our own Cascade County Police Academy. I feel so much safer knowing my car is safe from Canadian photographs! Glad to know that Jesse is not all hat. He’s got cattle too. Mainly bull.

    What an embarrassment. The sheriff gran poobah allows NO ONE into his realm without his knowledge. And this ties in with Terry’s point. The gun runners and sovereign citizen goofballs know that they have friend in Jesse. Illegal guns for Canada? Not his problem. Wonder what authority he cited to kick these two private citizens out of a public event? Was sheriff poobah going to meet them at high noon if they refused? They can be sovereign too.

    Jesse has let the word go out. Cascade County is open for business, the kook business! While they’re not stealing property and planning insurrection, they can gamble and get their cars washed and maybe a Starbucks coffee. Great for business.

    Only J.C. Moore depict that scenario.

    (So glad Jesse will be teaching in our schools)

  2. Remember the guy that shot a llama and took it in to be processed? Thought it was a antelope. That was In Montana. I heard a story about a guy who was arrested for beating his wife with a shovel, he said it was dark and he mistook her for a weasel. Don’t know if that one was true.

  3. Cascade County Sheriff Jesse Slaughter running interference for suspected Canadian gun smugglers and their US accomplices? Now that is just pathetic.

    The Great Falls gun show must have quite the international reputation in the world of gun smuggling to attract a Canadian agent as well as a US ATF agent.

    Back in one of the very first City crime task force meetings our local DEA officer told the CTF one of the biggest contibutors to the flow of drugs into Montana was the outbound flow of guns in exchange. Certainly can’t help that our sheriff won’t cooperate with the ATF and its partners to let them do their job and investigate the illegal gun trade. Why?

    • Just listened to Jesse on the radio. He primarily seemed to be miffed that he wasn’t notified about the operation first.

      Had all sorts of theories about what really might have been going on other than the face-value explanation he was given. Stated that the Canadian officer was ostensibly looking for Canadians smuggling guns but then cited some vague 2nd Amendment concern – apparently gun smuggling is a right for Canadians under the 2nd Amendment in Jesse’s constitution? And said Canadian police officers have no jurisdiction over Canadian citizens on U.S. soil … which it does not seem likely that simply taking pictures for later would indicate he was trying to assert.

      But mostly the impression was that Jesse’s feelings were hurt that he wasn’t looped in.

      • What really struck me was the paranoia in Jesse’s statement about “what was really going on” and some vague gummint threat to the 2nd Amendment. If Jesse isn’t willing to take the word of his law enforcement fellows at face value, and publicly question their motives and disparage their professionalism, then isn’t he just encouraging the citizenry to be likewise skeptical of anything said by any officer, including Jesse?

        In that vein, unaddressed throughout Jesse’s entire segment of throwing this and that against the wall to try and discredit the Feds was the basic question of why would someone from an RCMP task force and the ATF be monitoring the Great Falls gun show for smuggling inthe first place. There must be a strong suspicion at the federal level that something is going on in Cascade County as far as guns flowing to Canada. Would an outside investigation into that perhaps reflect badly on the CCSO?

      • Terry, the feds ain’t stupid. They know exactly what these so called constitutionalist sheriffs are. There’s really no dealing with them so why try. I have been following these guys closely since the Bundy takeover in eastern Oregon. I love that country. Spent a lot of time there as a kid. So I was really pissed when these morons came in and desecrated sacred Indian land.

        Jesse is much like Glen Palmer, the sheriff at the time in John Day. He basically did everything he could to help the insurrectionists. Why should we think Jesse would be any different? Jesse is already forming his own militia ready to be deputized just like Palmer did. I suspect the feds already have their eye on Jesse. He fits perfectly their profile for trouble makers. Good to know that they’re on to him. Of course Jesse has really done nothing to hide his intentions.

        It’s scary to think that Jesse will insert himself in any land disputes here in Montana, and they happen all the time. I know. I’ve been in plenty. The last thing we need is a sheriff grand poobah deciding the fate of our public lands.’-oregon-sheriff-under-investigation-malheur-role-hired-70-‘special-deputies’

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