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When thinking about life, remember this: No amount of guilt can solve the past, and no amount of anxiety can change the future. – Anonymous

In today’s column, I look at these people/issues:

  • Robb Elementary School
  • Cascade County Sheriff’s Race
  • The Western Word Poll


Here we go again…

The Associated Press is reporting that an 18-year-old gunman opened fire Tuesday at a Texas elementary school, killing at least 19 children as he went from classroom to classroom, officials said, in the latest gruesome moment for a country scarred by a string of massacres. The assailant was killed by law enforcement.

Will our elected officials ever have the guts to do something about this?

Of course, the elected officials put out statements with the normal “thoughts and prayers” or variations.

The senior U.S. Senator from Montana, Jon Tester, posted this on Twitter:

“Heartbroken to hear of the shooting at Robb Elementary School in Texas. Sharla and I grieve for these children and their families, and we’re sending prayers and strength to those injured. This is senseless and sickening, and it’s got to end.”

You have been in the Senate for 15 years and have done nothing about this issue.

The other U.S. Senator from Montana, Steve Daines, took a long time to issue a statement, so I asked him on Twitter if he was getting it approved by the NRA first. He did not respond. He did finally have this to say:

“Today’s shooting in Texas was horrible and evil. Cindy and I are praying for the families and loved ones of the victims of this terrible act of violence.”

Matt Rosendale, Montana’s only member of the U.S. House had this lengthy statement:

“Jean and I are praying for the families and victims of this horrible act.”

Montana’s Governor, Greg Gianforte, had this to say:

“Our hearts are heavy at the senseless loss of innocent life at Robb Elementary School in Texas.

Susan and I encourage all Montanans to join us in praying for their families, as well as for the children and teachers fighting to overcome their injuries.”

I wish Republicans like Daines, Rosendale, and Gianforte would love the children who are born more than the unborn.

As for the President, after returning from a trip to Asia, he addressed the nation.

“As a nation we have to ask when in God’s name are we going to stand up to the gun lobby. I am sick and tired of it — we have to act.”

Biden also added:

“What struck me on that 17-hour flight what struck me was these kinds of mass shootings rarely happen anywhere else in the world. Why? They have mental health problems. They have domestic disputes in other countries. They have people who are lost, but these kinds of mass shootings never happen with the kind of frequency they happen in America. Why? Why are we willing to live with this carnage?”

The most powerful response to the shooting that I have seen came from Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr. Take a moment and watch it HERE.

Some group posted the following meme on social media:

“A well regulated Militia” doesn’t kill children.


Over at the E-City Beat blog, they discovered that Democrats are urging their members to vote on the Republican ballot for the primary opponent (Jay Groskreutz) of Sheriff Jesse Slaughter.

Slaughter was elected as a Democrat and then he switched parties and swerved very far to the right. Now some folks are calling him extreme.

I guess the term “open primary” is new to some folks. You can read about it HERE.

This happens all the time. Republicans do it, too.

It’s a nothingburger.


Back in March, I asked readers to pick which statewide elected official in Montana had embarrassed them the most. (Results)

Now we are almost to June and a lot has happened, so it’s time to ask the question again:


The results will be posted Thursday.

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4 thoughts on “The Wednesday Read

  1. Hard to understand all the manic frothing vitriol from ECB over an endorsement of a REPUBLICAN candidate for Sheriff. Either way Republicans win. Does ECB hate Republicans now? Or is there something special about the incumbent that appeals to the radical right extremists at that blog, say something in a fellow traveler way?

    • Well, not hard to understand when you realize that Jesse was to be their savior to lead our county to be a constitutionalist county! That’s the latest goal of the tin foils. Some counties in the country have already declared themselves to be constitutionalist counties. Unfortunately for them, Jesse was not a very astute leader. Instead of starting slow, he went big and got found out. Turns out that most folks kinda like democracy the way it is now and aren’t ready to turn over complete governance to Jesse and the tin foils.

      • 3,142 county level entities in the USA with 3,142 officious someones in each unilaterally grabbing for themselves the power to decide what is constitutional and what is not, instead of deferring to the highest power of state and federal Supreme Courts – as those same constitutions specify. Sounds like a real recipe for American success. Sounds a lot like the local warlord model of Afghanistan, too.

        Can only imagine the uproar from our friends on the right if some more liberal county sheriff decided he/she was going to defy some “unconstitutional” top-down-authority edict of the Montana state legislature.

  2. As much as I enjoy seeing Phil go apoplectic and start raving about “hair balls of hate”, I think he misses the point. He offers up NO research of his own to counter the accusations against Slaughter. Does he seriously think that google does not exist and is available to everyone? Five minutes of googling will substantiate every single thing said about Slaughter. So exactly where are those hair balls of hate? In fact, Jesse is proud of everything he’s been accused of. He is betting that the tin foil hat crowd is proud too of his sordid record, and that they are now the majority. And he may be right. But he has so seriously angered the the remaining thoughtful, intelligent members of the community that the only supporters he has left are the tinfoil hat crowd who think Phil makes sense. I think most folks would agree with the following:

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