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And a mistake repeated more than once is a decision. ― Paulo Coelho

In today’s column, I take a quick look at these people/issues:

  • Racicot Speaks
  • Great Falls Homeless Issue
  • Reading Assignments
  • The Western Word Poll


It’s good to see some of the moderate members of the Republican Party speak out against the path the Party has taken in recent years.

Many moderates (like me) have moved on to greener pastures. I consider myself a moderate independent.

Lee Newspapers reported that former Montana Governor and Republican National Committee chair, Marc Racicot, sent a letter to the RNC’s current chair, urging the committee to withdraw its recent censure of two GOP members (Reps. Liz Cheney of Wyoming and Adam Kinzinger of Illinois) for their roles in investigating the Jan. 6 insurrection on the nation’s Capitol.

It was also reported that Racicot says the RNC’s search for power for its own sake and winning at any cost has prompted it to sacrifice the party’s soul. “Regrettably, it appears, ‘you have hitched your wagon to the wrong star.”

The Republicans have had too many of the far-right members calling those in the middle RINOs (Republican In Name Only) and cast aside the more moderate members of the party.

Many members, like Steve Daines, Matt Rosendale, and Greg Gianforte hitched their wagons to Trump and company.

That may work in Montana where the Republicans are a little slow to learn, but in the long term it will bring about their demise as the majority party.

Read the complete article and letter HERE.


I happened to catch an interview the other day in which one of our Great Falls commissioners did a terrible interview with a local radio station about the First United Methodist Church helping the homeless population in Great Falls.

I support the churches in Great Falls helping the homeless. By the way, I am not a member of the First United Methodist Church.

The first reason that the interview was terrible was how often the commissioner said “umm” in answering questions. The interview was only about 5 minutes and 30 seconds, but the word “umm” was uttered about 30 times. Ouch! Maybe commissioners should be required to take a public speaking class.

The second reason the interview was terrible was the commissioner called one of the local pastors “ignorant” during the interview. I think the last thing the city needs is one of their elected officials calling a local pastor ignorant.

The city does not need the faith-based community to be against them on this issue.

We need leadership and compassion from the elected officials in Great Falls – not name-calling.


Here are some articles you should read…

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Now that Super Bowl LVI is complete, this week’s poll question asks, “Should the Monday after the Super Bowl be a national holiday?”

Results will be posted later this week.


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