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Everyone loves the honest person until the honest person strikes a chord with a truth they weren’t ready to receive. – iFunny

Today’s independent commentary deals with these people/issues:

  • Montana PRCA Rodeo
  • The NFL Playoffs
  • Free COVID-⁠19 Tests
  • The Western Word Poll


MTN News reported that the dust has settled after this year’s Montana PRCA Rodeo in Great Falls, and they say they will be back, especially after how successful this year’s rodeo was.

I’m not a rodeo fan and I don’t pretend to be a cowboy in real life, nor do I play one on television.

One would imagine the Montana PRCA Rodeo in Great Falls was successful as a COVID super-spreader event. We’ll know for sure in a couple of weeks. I saw some photos of the event and it does not appear that many people were wearing masks at the indoor event that probably held close to 6,000 people.

The Cascade County City/County Health Department says, “Everyone 2 years or older who is not fully vaccinated should wear a mask in indoor public places.” They also say, “If you are fully vaccinated, to maximize protection and prevent possibly spreading COVID-19 to others, wear a mask indoors in public if you are in an area of substantial or high transmission.” (Source)

Last week Cascade County was listed as a place with a “High” transmission rate. (Source)

Yippee Ki Yay…


The NFL playoffs continue this weekend with two games on Saturday and two games on Sunday.

The divisional round kicks off Saturday with the Bengals at the Titans. That game is at 2:30 Montana time on CBS. Then the Niners play the Packers at 6:15 Montana time on Fox.

Then on Sunday, the Rams play at the Buccaneers at 1:00 pm Montana time on NBC. Then my Chiefs host the Bills at 4:30 Montana time on CBS.

This will be a tough game for the Chiefs.

There were six games in the wildcard round and only two were competitive (Raiders/Bengals and Niners/Cowboys). If my math is correct the average margin of victory in the wildcard round was 17 points.

I hope the divisional round is more exciting – except I hope my Chiefs rout the Bills.

Check out the NFL playoff schedule by clicking HERE.


I ordered my four free COVID-⁠19 tests early Tuesday morning after I heard the website was live. A few minutes after ordering, I received a verification from the U.S. Postal Service (USPS). When it is shipped, I will receive a tracking number.

You can get your free COVID-⁠19 tests by clicking HERE.


This week marks the first year of the Biden/Harris Administration. (Info)

This week’s poll question asks, “What grade do you give the Biden/Harris Administration?”

The results will be released later this week.


6 thoughts on “The Wednesday Read

    • Mary- as for me, I’ve been tested twice both times negative. I am not out and about a lot, but some people are and want to know so they don’t spread it and can treat it before it gets worse. Others have medical issues. I have a medical issue and we need to know asap. As for colds, true, but colds have not killed 850,000 in two years. Thanks, JmB

      • I’ve never been tested. I’m basically a shut-in by nature. I see all those long testing lines in NYC. I’m guessing we don’t have long lines in GF.
        Stay healthy so you can see the Chiefs win the Superbowl.

      • Jackie, I’ve gotta say that I was kind of an anti masker until I started to read your site. You have presented overwhelming evidence of the need for precautions against the epidemic. And for that I thank you. Yes, I admit that I’m a moron, and probably a great choice for dumbass of the week. But at least I’m still here.

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