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Let them hate, just make sure they spell your name right. – Harvey Specter, Suits, Season 5.

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This week’s poll asks, “Who is the kookiest statewide elected official in Montana?”

(You can select two)

Definition of kooky
: having the characteristics of a kook: CRAZY, OFFBEAT
Definition of kook
: one whose ideas or actions are eccentric, fantastic, or insane


The results will be posted later this week.


The Billings Gazette editorial board posted an interesting editorial on Sunday titled, “We’d prefer not to have a ‘kooky’ member of Congress.”

Amen to that, but here we are.

The editorial board had this to say:

We choose to believe that the Montana mainstream is not out on the far right edge of the universe. We choose to believe the state would rather have a conservative, respected member of Congress likely to have a legislative impact and the ability to sway other members for the good of the state and the nation.
We choose to believe that Montanans would not prefer “kooky.”

I think the editorial board needs to get out and about more. Most of the Republican Party these days are kooks. From east to west, I bet many of them think Rosendale is the cat’s meow.

Read the full editorial by clicking HERE.


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  4. It has been a tough weekend here for the residents of Lake County. A fire on East Shore of Flathead Lake started in the Mission Mountains most likely human caused in a rugged area hard to access. The local fire crews had it controlled at about 150 acres Saturday night. However around 12am Sunday morning high north east winds came up and the fire made a run toward the lake. The local crews were over powered and at 1am it was necessary to evacuate about 6 mile area along highway 35 and all of Finley Point which is a large peninsula juts out into lake. Around 600 people live there with many million dollars homes but also many long time residents of more moderate houses. The power had been cut to that area so people were trying to get out in total darkness. There is only one road winding around that point. My daughter is a clerk of court and told me of her co-worker who lives out there trying to get her family out with the sheriff deputy pounding on doors to leave immediately as the fire was bearing down the mountain and shortly jumped the highway and everyone was in danger. Her co-worker had no time to get clothes or important papers but only hustle the family in car and head 6 miles into Red Cross shelter in Polson. She doesn’t know if their home was one of the 20 plus that has burned to ground as the fire is zero contained and a Federal Type 2 Incident Team of 35 flew in to take control of fire fighting. Another friend was gone on a vacation and has no idea what is left of their property also in evacuated area. Luckily I have a 36 foot 5th wheel RV that we can put that family up at our ranch. Another friend told of as he was taking his family out they came upon a couple standing behind some huge iron gates frantically waving. He stopped to see what their problem was. It was a elderly couple that were unable to open their huge iron gates because they were electric and power is off. They were trapped in their mansion property. Being a Montana boy he got his log chain out hooked it to gates and pulled them down so the out of state gated couple could drive out. It is the uncertainty on the minds and faces of these folks as the wonder will they go home to an ash pile. As even with a small rain the fire marches on. At least no deaths were reported and most livestock was gotten out. We do have pets that are trying to be matched with their owners. The community support for the victims of this fire has been outstanding. In Montana we help others in these times of disaster no matter who you are. If you have a few bucks think about donating to the Red Cross. They were right here immediately. I was born and raised in this state. My work and career took me the world over but I always came back to this state where I knew neighbor would help neighbor in times of need. It really is a great place to live in, it really is Big in so many ways.

    • Dennis – Thanks for the update. It sounds pretty bad up your way. I will be praying for Lake County. Take care and stay safe! – JmB

  5. — kookiest statewide elected official (You can select two)

    Only two? If ignorant and incompetent count as “kooky”, then Elsie Arntzen definitely qualifies. If arrogant and spiteful count as “kooky”, then Austin Knudsen is a shoo-in.

    • Fred – Haha. If I let people pick more than two they might all end in a tie. Thanks, JmB

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