The Wednesday Read

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Today’s independent commentary deals with these people/issues:

  • Gianforte’s Wolf
  • Tactical Civics & Church
  • TWW Poll


The Associated Press (AP) reported Tuesday that Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte received a warning from wildlife officials after killing a radio-collared wolf near Yellowstone National Park without first taking a mandated trapper education course — a violation of state hunting regulations, officials said.

No matter how the “officials” spin it, Gianforte received a warning because he is the governor. Anything else being peddled by Gianforte, his spokesperson, or Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, is bullshit.

With his history of breaking the law and not suffering any repercussions, it seems Gianforte could shoot someone in the capitol and probably receive a warning.

Read the full story from the AP HERE.

Read a report from The Montana Post HERE.


I first saw the story in The Montana Post and most recently by Lee Newspapers that flyers were distributed Sunday in the East Helena area touting an April 6 event at a church to discuss “Tactical Civics,” a movement that advocates the forming of a militia and taking Congress out of Washington, D.C.

Lee Newspapers reported that the church’s pastor said the event is independent of the Canyon Ferry Road Baptist Church, which allowed the group to use its facility as a meeting place.

Psst, not anymore! The Canyon Ferry Road Baptist Church and Tactical Civics are now forever connected.


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