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Today’s independent commentary deals with these issues:

  • COVID-19 Vaccine
  • State District Court Judges
  • Jezebel


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The Great Falls Tribune ran a story on Sunday about a senate bill passed by both chambers of the Montana Legislature that may make it possible for the Montana Senate to remove three appointed district court judges and replace them with appointees chosen by Gov. Greg Gianforte, a Republican.

As mentioned before here at The Western Word and reported by the Tribune, the bill would dissolve the seven-member Judicial Nomination Commission (JNC) and place the appointment process for choosing interim district judges and Montana Supreme Court justices directly in the hands of the governor.

I have said from the beginning when I heard about this bill that I have never been a fan of Montana Supreme Court justices and State District court judges being politicians. I think it lowers the respect people have for them. It has that effect on me. It is like they prostitute themselves every few years raising money and campaigning and then they go back to acting all professional and a notch above us commoners. I also said that maybe Gianforte was on to something – they just need to make it where the judges are appointed for a certain length (four years/eight years) and then they go on their merry way and we get a fresh face.

Democrats are upset about this new way. Fielding weak candidates for state-wide office sometimes has consequences. This may be one.

Like many Montana Legislative bills being voted on with the right-wing heart and not taking into consideration the constitution, I am not sure it will stand a court challenge, but we will see. I predict the courts will be busy here in Montana.


I happened to see a few posts on Facebook with a photo of Kamala Harris taking the oath to be the Vice President of the United States. The photo had a verse from Revelation 17:4 posted with it. The verse goes like this:

And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication.

It has been reported that several Southern Baptist pastors, like Tom Buck, pastor of First Baptist Church of Lindale, Texas, equated Kamala Harris with the biblical Jezebel.

“I can’t imagine any truly God-fearing Israelite who would’ve wanted their daughters to view Jezebel as an inspirational role model because she was a woman in power.”

Steve Swofford, of Rockwall First Baptist Church in Texas, preached about President Biden, calling him “cognitively dysfunctional,” and adding:

“What if something happens to him? Jezebel has to take over — Jezebel Harris; isn’t that her name?”

Click HERE for the source.

There is a lot of hatred being spewed by these “pastors.” I see it daily from many who are Southern Baptists and attend Southern Baptist churches. I do not speak for God, but I think he would be saddened by all the hatred from these so-called Christians.

To top it off, Religion News Service reports that in the United States, Jezebel has become a racist trope for a sexually promiscuous Black woman — a description that began in slavery, extended through the Jim Crow period and continues today.

At one time I was a member of a Southern Baptist Church. After hearing and reading what some of their pastors and members are saying and posting, I am really ashamed that I was part of that denomination.


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    • Terry – Thanks. I signed up Saturday morning online and received my first shot this morning. I plan on writing about it in tomorrow’s column. -JmB

  3. I fully agree that the Democrats had to see all these right wing bills coming but they focused nearly their whole campaign work on trying to get former Governor Bullock elected to the U.S. Senate. A very costly mistake in that it left their weak candidates on the state level basically just trying to stay about water with little support. When you lose offices by 60-100,000 votes you have big problems as a party. A strong two party system is important to keep things in balance. The Republicans in Montana have never been happy with the Montana Supreme Court. To liberal they say. I believe the GOP plan is they want to control the courts in Montana like what happened during the Trump administration on the federal level. Gianforte will appoint any far right conservative that may in name be a lawyer who may have experience or not. Once seated District Judges are very hard to defeat. I believe Lt. Governor Juras will finally get a seat on the Montana Supreme Court once a vacancy arises. Gianforte certainly would appoint her. I truly believe this court plan didn’t come out of thin air and now it is clearer to me why Gianforte selected Juras to run with him to start with.

    • Dennis – Happy Monday! Good comments. Gianforte appointing Juras to state supreme is an interesting angle. Since it looks like the Republicans are going this route, a four or eight-year term for the judges would be great (I think). They won’t do it though because they have the power. There are several high-donor GOP folks who will be more than happy to advise Gianforte on who to pick for judges.
      This may all be moot if it’s challenged in court. Get your popcorn ready.
      Thanks, -JmB

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