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Welcome to “Thursday Numbers!” In case you are a first-time visitor, this is the weekly column where I take a look at the numbers in the news (in descending order) and provide commentary sometimes sprinkled with sarcasm and humor.

This week’s topics include unemployment claims, deaths from coronavirus, Montanans fully immunized, White supremacist propaganda, anti-Asian hate incidents, yelling at your neighbor, border issues, March Madness, The Western Word poll results, and much more!


In the week ending March 13, the advance figure for seasonally adjusted initial unemployment claims was 770,000, an increase of 45,000 from the previous week’s revised level. The previous week’s level was revised up by 13,000 from 712,000 to 725,000. The 4-week moving average was 746,250, a decrease of 16,000 from the previous week’s revised average. The previous week’s average was revised up by 3,250 from 759,000 to 762,250. (DOL)

*Note: On Thursdays, this column is published right after 6:30 a.m. (Montana time), so I can post the latest unemployment numbers.


That is how many people have died in the United States from coronavirus, according to the latest data compiled by Johns Hopkins University. There are at least 538,093 deaths and 29,608,162 cases across the country so far. The first death in the USA was reported on February 29, 2020. (Johns Hopkins)

Last week the death total was 529,267.


That is how many Montanans have been fully immunized for COVID-19. (SOURCE)

Last week the number of fully immunized Montanans was 121,288.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Montana’s estimated population in July 2019 was 1,068,778.

That is just a small percentage of Montanans who are fully immunized. We should all be wearing masks until we have a higher percentage of fully immunized Montanans.


White supremacist propaganda reached alarming levels across the U.S. in 2020, according to a new report that the Anti-Defamation League provided to The Associated Press. There were 5,125 cases of racist, anti-Semitic, anti-LGBTQ and other hateful messages spread through physical flyers, stickers, banners and posters, according to Wednesday’s report. That’s nearly double the 2,724 instances reported in 2019. (AP)

So much hate. It has to end.


New data has revealed over the past year, the number of anti-Asian hate incidents — which can include shunning, slurs and physical attacks — is greater than previously reported. And a disproportionate number of attacks have been directed at women. The research released by reporting forum Stop AAPI Hate on Tuesday revealed nearly 3,800 incidents were reported over the course of roughly a year during the pandemic. (NBC News)

We are better than this. Stop the hate!


A Helena man, Michael Challans, 43, who was cited for disorderly conduct for yelling at his neighbor over an anti-Donald Trump flag pleaded guilty to the misdemeanor Monday in Helena Municipal Court. He was ordered to pay $100 in fines and $85 in court costs. (Helena IR)

I love the flag his neighbor displayed. It says, “Trump Lost: LOL.”


Since President Biden’s inauguration, the country has seen a dramatic spike in the number of people encountered by border officials, with 18,945 family members and 9,297 unaccompanied children encountered in February — an increase of 168% and 63% from the month before, according to the Pew Research Center. That creates an enormous logistical challenge, since children, in particular, require higher standards of care and coordination across agencies. (AP)

It’s an issue that Team Biden needs to get under control.


That is the number of teams participating in the 2021 NCAA DI men’s basketball tournament. (NCAA)

It starts today (Thursday). Click HERE for details and schedule.


That is the number of teams participating in the 2021 NCAA DI women’s basketball tournament. (NCAA)

It starts Sunday, March 21. Click HERE for details and schedule.


In a poll this week at The Western Word, I asked readers, “When Authorized, Will You Get the Covid-19 Vaccine?”

Here are the results:

I Already Have: 56%
Yes: 38%
Undecided: 6%
No: 0%

Thanks to all who participated!


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  1. Those pro-Trump flag-waving patriots on that block in Helena would appear to hate the 1st Amendment right of free speech. Apparently Trump flags stand for something entirely different from the American flag.

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