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Today’s independent commentary deals with these people/issues:

  • Second Impeachment Trial
  • Local Commercials
  • QAnon Shaman


The lawyers for former President Donald Trump had a nightmare of a first day. They seemed lost and not prepared. On the other hand, the House prosecutors were firing on all cylinders.

There are reports that Trump was very unhappy with his team’s performance.

The sad thing is it won’t make one bit of difference in the end.

The Associated Press (AP) reported that senators rejected an effort by Trump’s allies to halt the trial, instead affirming the Senate’s authority under the Constitution to decide the case. They voted 56-44 to confirm their jurisdiction, ruling that impeaching a president after he leaves office is constitutionally permissible. Six Republicans joined the Democrats.

Montana’s junior U.S. Senator, Republican Steve Daines, posted a message on Facebook saying, “This impeachment trial is unconstitutional. End of story. Let’s get back to work for the American people.”

Daines is wrong according to the U.S. Senate, and most people with half a brain.

MTN News reported about the differences between Daines and the senior U.S. Senator from Montana, Democrat Jon Tester. It even got a little pissy toward the end.

As for Daines, he is not a good juror. MTN reported that even if the trial is constitutional, Daines said he’s already made up his mind that Trump did not commit impeachable acts on Jan. 6, when he told pro-Trump protesters to march on the Capitol.

I think I’ll try that when I get picked for jury duty next time.

Tester had this to say about Daines:

“He’s covered for this president and he was one of the 13 people that spread the lie about the election being stolen, until the rioters overran the United States Senate chamber,” Tester told MTN News. “So it isn’t surprising that Sen. Daines would take this radical-right philosophy…

“Radical-right philosophy” is spot-on! Daines may be trying to be the next leader of QAnon. History will not be kind to Daines.

MTN reported that a spokeswoman for Daines said it’s clear that Tester “loves to take pointless political jabs at Montana’s (congressional) delegation,” and that he should spend more time trying to work together with Daines and GOP Rep. Matt Rosendale instead of against them.

It’s always fun when the three members of Montana’s congressional delegation go after each other. I bet it makes the “Montana Coffees” in Washington, D.C. just a little more interesting.


Face it Montana, the local commercials you see on our television stations mostly suck. I see many in the Great Falls/Helena market and they are mostly bad. I hope they did not pay a lot for them.

I won’t single out any bad ones, but I will single out one that is good (Click on the link to watch):

To the Bookmobile! 2020 PSA.

This is a commercial from the Great Falls Library Foundation to raise funds to purchase a new bookmobile. Since it’s a great commercial for a great cause, go to and donate!


I should have included QAnon Shaman in the “Shaking my Head” section yesterday, but I missed it.

QAnon Shaman (real name Jacob Chansley) is the man who stormed the capitol on January 6. He wears horns, does not wear a shirt, and he paints his face.

He was arrested for the January 6 insurrection. He was placed in jail. Now for the interesting part: A judge last week ordered corrections authorities to provide organic food to QAnon Shaman. His lawyer argued that QAnon Shaman considers eating organic food to be part of his “shamanic belief system and way of life.” (AP)

Beam me up, Scotty!

My belief system and way of life say that a nice Ribeye steak and Caesar salad would be good for me each night for dinner. It can be organic or not. Medium rare! A glass of Merlot (or three) would also be helpful.


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  1. Oh sure now Daines just wants to get back to work. After spending two entire months spent working instead to support and enable Trump’s Big Lie, with no concern at all for ripping the country apart that led to the riot at the Capitol. Where was “Get back to work” in mid-November?

  2. Good blog. pointing to the difference between V.A. (Veterans Administration) Tester and N.A. (NO ACCOUNTABILITY) Daines. This is about the best thing that can be said about Senator Daines.

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