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Today’s independent commentary deals with these issues:

  • Impeachment Trial
  • Lou Dobbs
  • Liz Cheney
  • Super Bowl LV
  • One More Thing


In case you forgot, former President Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial begins Tuesday. Whoopee!

The Associated Press (AP) is reporting:

While Trump’s acquittal is expected, all 100 senators will first have to sit at their desks and listen to hours of graphic testimony from House Democrats about the riots, which left five people dead.

The AP has a great article about how the second trial will work. Click HERE to read it.

ABC News is reporting a narrow majority (56% – 43%) of Americans say they support the Senate convicting former President Donald Trump and barring him from holding federal office again, according to a new ABC News/Ipsos poll released Sunday. Read the story HERE.


  • Fox Corp’s Fox Business Network has canceled “Lou Dobbs Tonight,” a weekday program hosted by the business journalist and vocal supporter of former President Donald Trump, the company said on Friday. (Reuters)
  • The Wyoming Republican Party voted overwhelmingly Saturday to censure U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney for voting to impeach President Donald Trump for his role in the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol. (AP)


It was a blowout. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers whipped my Kansas City Chiefs 31-9.

The Chiefs played one of their worst games in three years. Tom Brady won his seventh Super Bowl ring and also won his fifth Super Bowl MVP award. He is the Greatest Of All Time (GOAT). Although the Chiefs are my favorite team, I have tons of respect for Tom Brady.

As for the Chiefs, quarterback Patrick Mahomes had to run for his life most of the night. The offensive line did not protect him. There were some suspect calls by the refs that hurt the flow of the game. I believe at halftime eight penalties had been called on the Chiefs and just one on the Bucs. In the end, the Chiefs had 11 penalties for 120 yards and the Bucs four for just 39 yards.

The Chiefs will be in the hunt again next year. Maybe with this embarrassing loss, they might play a little angrier next year with something to prove. Maybe they will stop reading so many of the press clippings and cut down on the commercials and concentrate on football more.

Nonetheless, there are fans of 30 other teams who would have liked to be in the Super Bowl. I feel lucky to have my team there for the past two years.

As for the rest of the Super Bowl, I did not like the CBS pre-game show. The CBS crew is terrible. Tony Romo tries to be too cute and Jim Nantz should stick with golf. The halftime show with “The Weeknd” was OK, but I don’t care for his music that much. As for the commercials, I did not see any that stood out.

Now we enter that dark period in the year when there’s no NFL football. With the cold weather coming, it might be a good time for me to hibernate here in my bunker.

The NFL draft is scheduled for April 29 – May 1.


Some Trump supporters were posting the following on Facebook:

Let’s have Biden supporters list his best accomplishments thus far.

Here was my response:

  1. Beat Donald Trump


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  1. 1a. He beat Liddle Donald by a difference in the popular vote three times greater than Hillary did

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