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You never fully realize how anti-social you are until a pandemic strikes and your life does not really change that much…

Today’s independent commentary deals with these people/issues:

  • Colin Powell
  • Presidential Polls
  • The Supreme Court
  • Dear Class of 2020


This is big…

Appearing on CNN Sunday, former Secretary of State Colin Powell on Sunday endorsed Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, joining a growing chorus of Republicans and military leaders criticizing Republican President Donald Trump amid nationwide protests. (Reuters)

Reuters reported that Powell said Trump “lies all the time,” has “drifted away” from the U.S. Constitution and poses a danger to American democracy. He added, “I cannot in any way support President Trump this year.”

Colin Powell is a patriot.

The final straw would be if George W. Bush endorsed Joe Biden.


An NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll that was conducted May 28 to June 2 finds that Joe Biden leads Donald Trump nationally by 7 points among all registered voters, 49 percent to 42 percent — unchanged from April’s poll.

Many people believe that these six states: Arizona, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin will decide the race for President.

Real Clear Politics has Biden leading in Arizona, Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Trump has a very slight lead in North Carolina.

Trump won all six states in 2016.

The bottom line is that in 2016 most people thought and many polls pointed to an easy Clinton victory. That did not happen. Maybe the polls are better this time around. We won’t know until November 3.


For those of us interested in the U.S. Supreme Court decisions, the next few weeks will be interesting.

The Hill reports that the Supreme Court is expected to hand down several blockbuster opinions in the next few weeks as one of the most politically volatile terms in recent memory draws to a close. The hot-button issues awaiting decisions include fights over abortion, Electoral College procedures, LGBT rights in the workplace, the deportation status of nearly 700,000 young undocumented immigrants, and the fate of President Trump’s tax returns.

According to, on days when the Court is hearing oral arguments, decisions may be handed down before the arguments are heard. During the months of May and June, the Court meets at 10 a.m. every Monday to release opinions. During the last week of the term, additional days may be designated as “opinion days.”

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Barack and Michelle Obama addressed the class of 2020.

Watch Barack Obama’s address HERE.

Watch Michelle Obama’s address HERE.