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Society has become so fake that the truth actually bothers people. ― Chanda Kaushik

These topics caught my attention in the last few days:

  • The Impeachment Trial
  • Republican Gubernatorial Debate
  • One More Thing


The U.S. House impeachment hearings were a one-sided affair with the Democrats ramming through two articles and the Republicans, like Rep. Doug Collins, whining all the time. On Tuesday the U.S. Senate started the trial and it looks like it will be a one-sided affair with the Republicans having the upper hand and Democrats, like Sen. Chuck Schumer, whining.

Here are some observations…

I was all excited to watch the impeachment trial in the U.S. Senate Tuesday, but it turned boring very quickly. If you like a series of 53-47 votes then this was the show for you.

Republican and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell started the morning with a speech. I think if they would have offered to let senators vote to convict Trump or listen to McConnell talk, Trump would have been convicted.

Democrat and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer offered amendment after amendment and he made the clerk read the whole amendment. I know that most amendments were tabled 53-47. They could have just turned on a whining sound when it was Schumer’s time to speak and it would have sounded the same.

Democrat and leader of the House Managers Adam Schiff started the trial off by putting everyone to sleep.

Trump counsel Jay Sekulow gave a good debate on one of the amendments. I tweeted that I remember back in the day when Sekulow was on the side of good. Now he represents Trump – my how far he has fallen.

The cameras did not pan around so we could see the senators. I’m sure some were sleeping. I nodded off a few times.

The biggest thing I took out of the few hours I watched the impeachment trial is I don’t think I saw or heard from one member of the House or Senate who would put our country above their political party. The lines are drawn.

I hope that at the earliest time possible in this impeachment trial circus that someone offers a motion to vote to dismiss the two articles of impeachment against President Trump and we move on.

I’m no fan of Trump. I think Trump is a serial liar and a con man. The best bet to beat him is in November by voting. If this circus goes on and on, Trump will win reelection.


The Great Falls Tribune reported that three Republican gubernatorial candidates in the 2020 elections will have a public debate Thursday in Billings. The three are Montana Attorney General Tim Fox, U.S. Representative Greg Gianforte, and Montana State Senator Al Olszewski.

Unless Gianforte loses his cool and punches someone, he will probably win this primary. He might win it if he does punch someone.

I’m not sure if any of the Democrats running for governor can beat Gianforte if it comes to that. Imagine Montana having the Republicans control the House, the Senate and the governorship.

You can read the Tribune article HERE.


Over at The Flathead Memo twitter feed, James Conner linked to an article from the Helena Independent Record that informed us:

Members of Montana’s House of Representatives and legislative staffers evaluated two chair designs to replace the seating that has been used by lawmakers for more than a century. 

Conner responded with this:

Given how some legislators behaved in the last session, members of the MT House should be evaluating high chairs.


You can follow Conner on Twitter @jrcflatheadmemo


4 thoughts on “The Wednesday Read

  1. We are watching possibly the largest and complete cover-up and miscarriage of justice in American history. The hollow shell that is the Republican Party that has morphed into the cult of the Trump Party has no qualms in prostituting and perverting the Constitution and the laws that have sprung from that foundational document no less egregiously than their Talibangelical co-conspirators have prostituted and perverted their various versions of the Bible in their pursuit of authoritarian Christo-fascism and a return to that which people originally fled some 400 plus years ago.

    • Doug I completely agree. However the Taliban probably do not know much about the bible except that which is excerpted in the Koran or the Hadith.

  2. yesterday you quoted vince lombardi that it was better to cooperate in order to compete. Huh? C.T.E. is real and all the evidence points to it. Maybe you should investigate the health of all those old time players you quoted.

    Foreign influence in our elections should not be tolerated. Our president has disqualified himself with duplicitous behavior time and time again. Must some soldiers die because we waited for the next election ? As a Viet Nam veteran I don’t see any humor in the loss of life.

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