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Welcome to another Monday – the last Monday of June!

Today’s independent commentary deals with these people/issues:

  • Gazette & Stapleton
  • Concentration Camps
  • Rep. Ilhan Omar
  • One More Thing

Gazette & Stapleton:

It was one of the most vicious editorials from a Montana Newspaper about a politician that I have read. On Friday, the Billings Gazette editorial board said that current Montana Secretary of State and candidate for the U.S. House Cory Stapleton is “not qualified for any office.”

The Gazette called Stapleton a “serial candidate” because he runs for some office in most elections. The Gazette also said that he “seems more focused on winning an office — any office — than doing a job.”

The Gazette editorial board also said that the same could be said about Matt Rosendale. I might add that they could put Greg Gianforte and Steve Daines in that category, too.

They also said that Stapleton “seems more a political parasite than statesman, wanting to latch onto whatever office he can win, regardless of the job.”

If that was not bad enough, in closing the Gazette had this to say:

Stapleton’s political career seems to be an example of him always looking for the next best thing. Well, the voters of Montana should do the same. We should retire Stapleton from public office and look for the next best thing.

Stapleton should finish out his term as Secretary of State and permanently retire from being a serial candidate.

Concentration Camps:

Last Wednesday I defended Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., who said, “The US is running concentration camps on our southern border, and that is exactly what they are.”

The Salt Lake City Tribune editorial board agrees with Ocasio-Cortez, saying:

Some of the people who study, and some of the people who survived or are descended from survivors of the Holocaust, are pointing out that that crime against humanity did not arrive overnight.
It worked its way up, from nasty political speeches (check) to politicians seeking and gaining power with promises to protect the purity of the nation from foreign invasion (check) to denying basic human rights and decency to people of an unfavored class (check)

They also wrote about this asinine statement:

The administration actually told the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals the other day that it is under no obligation to provide refugee children with soap, toothbrushes or anywhere to sleep but cold cement floors in overcrowded cages. They’ve already cut off funding for education, counseling, and recreation.

Finally, the editorial board left us with this statement:

Our nation is operating concentration camps for refugee children. We need to stop denying that and decide if we are comfortable with that fact. And how we will explain it to our children. 

This is not the country that I gave years of my life to protect.

Rep. Ilhan Omar:

There’s a lot of fake news and outright hatred on the internet for Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-MN, mostly because she is the first Somali-American Muslim woman in Congress. Most of the people who post fake news and have hatred for Omar are racists and some are just dumber than a box of rocks. Here is an example:

A meme that is making its way around the internet says this:

Musslamic Democrat Ilhan Omar has threatened members of Congress. She told several Republicans that she will send them “Shawarma” to give them a taste of her culture. Share to say arrest her now!

According to several descriptions on the internet, “Shawarma” is thinly sliced cuts of meat, like chicken, beef, goat, lamb, and sometimes turkey, rolled into a large piece of flatbread or pita that has been steamed or heated. Inside the pita, foods like hummus, tahini, pickles, vegetables, and even french fries are added.

Sounds yummy. Please give me “a taste of her culture!”

One More Thing:

According to the Kansas City Star, the Show-Me state (Missouri) is set to be the first in the country to fully legalize funeral ceremonies previously reserved for Vikings, some Native American tribes and Jedi knights.

The Star reports that a measure, passed by both chambers of the Missouri General Assembly, would allow licensed funeral directors to organize outdoor cremations either at licensed crematoriums or private sites that receive permits. Lawmakers dubbed it the “Jedi Disposal Act,” a reference to two “Star Wars” scenes.

Help me Obi Wan Kenobi…


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  1. Republicans and their Talibangelical henchman are proving themselves to be on a par with Islamic mullahs and ISIS. Further reason to widen the separation between church and state in this country and stop moving towards theocratic tyranny.

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