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When I was little we didn’t have emojis. We had to put smiley face stickers on handwritten letters like a bunch of savages. – Unknown

Today’s topics include:

  • MTLeg – No Notice Meetings
  • Fox on the Run
  • Barr’s Mueller Report
  • Bigfoot in Montana

MTLeg – No Notice Meetings:

Lee Newspapers reported that the Montana Newspaper Association and a freedom of information group are objecting to a legislative meeting they allege was held without proper notice.

Good for them. Keep shining the light on these clowns. Don’t let them cheat.

Of course, some lawmakers say the meeting was the result of miscommunications. Maybe it was a result of lawmakers not understanding quorums – or being able to count. Maybe both.

Remember – we’re not dealing with the brightest people here –some of them are a few fries short of a Happy Meal.

Fox on the Run:

Montana Public Radio (MTPR) reported that current Montana Attorney General Tim Fox has raised substantially more money than any other candidate running for a statewide office in Montana so far. Campaign finance reports for the 2020 election filed Friday show Fox has raised nearly $204,000 since January 1. Fox is running for governor.

Another candidate for Governor, Corey Stapleton, raised $65,000 according to MTPR.

MTPR also reports that in the Montana Attorney General race, Republican Jon Bennion is Fox’s chief deputy, and reports raising just over $70,000 since January one. Democrat Kim Dudik, currently serving in the Montana House representing Missoula has raised a little more than $5,000 so far.

That’s a good haul by Fox in the early stages of his candidacy. Those numbers could persuade others to stay out of the race.

Barr’s Mueller Report:

I happened to catch U.S. Attorney General (AG) William Barr testify in front of a House Appropriations subcommittee on Tuesday. (Roll Call)

One thing stood out to me: Donald Trump has finally found an AG that will act as his personal attorney. Donald Trump has his protector in William Barr. Barr will not let anything bad happen to the Donald. It kind of makes me wish for the good old days of Jefferson Beauregard “Jeff” Sessions, III. Sessions at least sided with Lady Justice and not with Trump. That’s the way a U.S. Attorney General is supposed to act.

We do know that we should get Barr’s version of the Mueller report in the next week or so. He also told the committee that his version will come with color-coded notes explaining why he redacted any information.

Wonderful – freaking color-coded notes…

I doubt there will be a red color-coded note that tells readers that releasing the information will be bad for President. Or a yellow note that tells readers that it’s bad for Junior.

I’ve said before that the full report should be released to the two leaders in the Senate (McConnell & Schumer) and to the two leaders in the House (Pelosi & McCarthy). They should be allowed to read the full un-redacted report.

This is going to go on forever if the full report is not released.

Bigfoot in Montana:

The Great Falls Tribune published an interesting story about Bigfoot sightings in Montana. They even have a list of the counties in Montana where there were reports of Bigfoot sightings.

Check out the story HERE.

I actually saw Bigfoot once – he was sitting between me and Elvis on the UFO…



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