Tuesday’s Quick Hits

Last year I joined a support group for antisocial people. We haven’t met yet. – Unknown

Today’s quick hits deal with these important subjects:

  • State of the Union
  • Greg Gianforte
  • Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam
  • Sheriff of Social Media

State of the Union:

I think tonight’s State of the Union (SOTU) address might be worth watching. I wonder if the shit will hit the fan tonight.

The only thing people are interested in is if Trump will declare an emergency over the southern border during his speech. All other stuff is a distraction. Trump is playing this like a reality show telling people he may make the declaration during his speech.

So tune in so his ratings will be the highest ever recorded…

I kind of hope he does make the declaration to see how it proceeds in Congress and in the courts. Trump needs something because he has been owned by Speaker Pelosi for a month now.

As soon as the Sergeant at Arms says, “Madam Speaker, the President of the United States” things may go downhill.

The title of his speech is “Choosing Greatness.” There are supposedly five themes that the president is expected to talk about during the speech: immigration, trade, infrastructure, health care, and protecting America’s national security. (ABC News)

I will be on Twitter during the speech @TheWesternWord. Yes, I will be making fun of everyone and everything.

Greg Gianforte:

I always thought it was a little dumb to have the three members of the federal delegation (two U.S. Senators, one U.S. Representative) waste the time of the Montana legislators by giving a speech to the Montana Legislature and tout what they are doing for Montana.

There are a lot of state legislators who are jealous of the U.S. Senators and U.S. Representative – and some even believe they are equals. That’s why I think it’s important when I write about Senators that I distinguish between a U.S. Senator and State Senator and a U.S. Representative and a State Representative. I have found that many of those “state” legislators are whiney crybabies who think they are more important than they are.

Now that we have that settled, U.S. Representative Greg Gianforte (R-MT) stopped by the Montana Legislature on Monday to give a speech and tell folks it’s nice to be one of the richest people in Congress, but near the bottom of seniority. Just kidding – I don’t know what he spoke about.

Before Gianforte spoke, the Associated Press (AP) reported that Democratic State Representative Tom Woods of Bozeman introduced a bill to increase the penalties for assaulting journalists. In case you forgot, Gianforte pleaded guilty to assaulting a reporter on the eve of the May 2017 special election.

I think that is funny. Woods is probably a little jealous of Gianforte. There are not too many Montanans who can buy a U.S. House seat as Gianforte did. Besides, the AP said that Woods briefly sought the Democratic nomination for Gianforte’s seat in 2018 before withdrawing from the race.

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam:

A photograph on Northam’s page in the 1984 Eastern Virginia Medical School yearbook showed someone in blackface standing next to someone dressed in a KKK uniform. There were other photos of Northam on the page.

First, Northam apologized for the photo. Then the next day he said it was not him in the photo. He said it was not him about 10 different ways.

This is a classic case of failing at crisis management. Someone in his camp was stupid enough to come up with the idea of him denying it was him in the photo AFTER he had already apologized for it.

Northam has no credibility now. He should resign.

Sheriff of Social Media:

Since I am the self-appointed Sheriff of Social Media, and we still have ignorant people posting stuff that they did not check, here is one of their latest posts:

There’s a photo of an old veteran with the caption:

Medals in two wars gets $1200 per month.
Muslim imigrant (sic) gets $1700 per month.

The fact-checking website Snopes.com says “Virtually everything claimed about it is wrong: the piece is over ten years old, it was originally about government policy in Canada and not the U.S.” The writer basically took out “Canada” and replaced it with the “United States” throughout the article. One funny part is the writer forgot to take the word “Ottawa” and insert “Washington, D.C.” in its place.

Read the entire story from Snopes.com HERE.



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  1. Trump is “giving aid and comfort” to “the enemy of the people”.

    TV anchors lunching with Trump ahead of State of the Union speech tonight include: ABC's @GStephanopoulos and @DavidMuirNBC's @SavannahGuthrie and @LesterHoltNBC CBS's @margbrennan CNN's @andersoncooper and @wolfblitzer C-SPAN's @SteveScully Fox's Chris Wallaceand others.— Jennifer Jacobs (@JenniferJJacobs) February 5, 2019


    Actually, it’s SOP.

      • serial unhinged mendacious prevarication should not a forum make. All these highly -educated journalists are in business and it is not the people’s business. Disgust is too fine a word. Free speech like any other freedom is easily abused. Just listen, listen, listen. compare it to your life and you can easily recognize the fraud . Look in your wallet likely it will soon be empty then it will be too late.

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