The Monday Memo: Playoff Football

Losing doesn’t make me want to quit. It makes me want to fight that much harder. – Paul “Bear” Bryant

The seasons for the New Orleans Saints and the Kansas City Chiefs came to an abrupt end on Sunday. Both teams lost in overtime to the visiting teams (Los Angeles Rams and the New England Patriots).

It was a pretty exciting day for football.

If the NFL could make their officiating better, it would have been a perfect football day (See New Orleans Saints).

Here are my thoughts on both games. Enjoy!

Los Angeles Rams/New Orleans Saints

The Rams/Saints game was decided by a missed call on the field that probably cost the Saints the game.

The officials in the Rams/Saints game missed calling a pass interference penalty and/or a helmet to helmet hit on the Rams that would have given the Saints the ball at the Rams five-yard line.

Supposedly the NFL’s head of officials told Saints head coach Sean Payton they “blew the call” by not penalizing the Rams for pass interference late in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s NFC Championship Game. (ESPN)

Until the NFL decides to find a better way to officiate games, as fans we’re going to have these mistakes. In a perfect world, the NFL replay office would buzz the officials and have them review the play.

I’m not too torn up over the Saints losing. I’ve been against Saints head coach Sean Payton having a job since he was suspended a year for “Bountygate.” He should have received a lifetime suspension for it.

New England Patriots/Kansas City Chiefs

It was a sad evening in my home as the Chiefs lost to the Patriots, but as die-hard Chiefs fans, we are well-acquainted with early exits from the playoffs. We won’t be burning any Chiefs gear in anger.

As I grow older I am starting to wonder if the Chiefs will win the big game again before I die.

We will pack away our Chiefs gear for another year and hope we go deeper into the playoffs next year. There’s only a Pro-Bowl game and then the Super Bowl left this season. After that, we wait for the draft and dream.

The NBA, NASCAR, or MLB can’t take the place of the NFL. They are not even close.

The Patriots/Chiefs game was basically decided by a coin toss as the Patriots won the toss to start overtime and then marched down the field and scored a touchdown, and that was that.

The Chiefs defense was terrible most of the season and when the Chiefs needed them to step up the most (to go to the Super Bowl) they failed to stop the Patriots. The Chiefs never had the ball in overtime. I don’t like that rule. Why can’t the team be allowed to see if they can match the other team with one possession?

The Chiefs defense needs a new leader. Bob Sutton, age 67, is the defensive coordinator now, but he needs to go. The question is does this loss hurt so much that the Chiefs will get rid of Sutton.

I watched the Kansas City media tiptoe around head coach Andy Reid during the post-game press conference. It reminds me of the members of the media covering the Montana Legislature. They seem to be afraid to ask tough questions of Reid.

Reid has gotten the Chiefs to the playoffs in five of his six years in Kansas City, but he is 2-5 in the playoffs for the Chiefs and 12-14 overall. The Chiefs have won the AFC West for three straight years.

I’m looking forward to next season, but there are only a few chances to go all the way. The Chiefs were the No. 1 seed and had the AFC Championship game at home. That does not happen often. The Chiefs were last in the Super Bowl after the 1969 season and this was the first time they played for the AFC Championship since 1993.

As for the Patriots, they are professionals. They play grown-man football. They know how to win and win in the playoffs. They say the right things and are well-coached. Tom Brady is the Greatest Of All Time (GOAT) at quarterback. The Patriots are fun to watch unless they are taking on your team. They play at a different level and are mostly hated outside of New England – which shows how great they are at winning.

I like both the Rams and the Patriots, but I have to pull for the AFC team in the Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl is being carried by CBS (Jim Nantz/Tony Romo) this year. It is being played in Atlanta at Mercedes-Benz Stadium on February 3. It starts at 4:30 (Mountain Time). Maroon 5 is the halftime entertainment.

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6 thoughts on “The Monday Memo: Playoff Football

  1. I thought about you the whole game. I wanted anybody but Patriots in Super Bowl. I sure was disappointed with the Chiefs first half. Reid should of ran more time off clock before they went into lead in last part of fourth,but is one of his big problems time management. As much as I dislike Patriots no one can doubt Tom Brady is the greatest ever. But credit is do to Edelman and Gronkowski real professionals in the Patriot line up. I am a Seahawks guy so know disappointment in defense. Well I grew up on a Montana wheat farm so remember famous saying “Always next Year”

  2. I concur with what you said. I would add that the OT rules need a tweak. That the winner of the coin flip determines the winner to a great extent is just wrong. Time to go to the college rule so both teams have a fair shot.
    With the Seahawks in the NFC I’ll be rooting for LA to win for the same reason you’re siding with the AFC.
    Special mention to Tony Romo for really getting into the game and keeping the excitement at 11. I hope the SB game will be like that.

    “Wait til next year!”

  3. As a 45 year Raider fan, I pulled for your Chiefs and thought they would win to face the Rams…new blood in the SB! I am like you in that it is Raiders-AFC West-AFC.I would venture to say that next year you’ll be watching SBLIV with your Chiefs gear on! Of course, I hope we give you a run for your money.

    As far as the officiating this year, I think the rules have been tweaked too often that everyone is confused as to what constituents a hit or a catch. I liked the game before all the video scrutiny and the search for intense detail of the ball actually touched a blade of grass or not…I would like to get rid of replay, it had damn near killed golf and the PGA solved it, now it is time for the NFL to do the same!

    Good luck next year! Your Chiefs have a bright future…

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