The Monday Memo: Daines, Drake & MTLeg, WH COS, & Football

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Today’s independent commentary deals with these issues:

  • Daines, Drake & MTLeg
  • White House Chief of Staff
  • FCS Playoffs
  • NFL Playoffs

Daines, Drake & MTLeg:

In his latest weekly column, “Dome Lights,” Great Falls Tribune reporter Phil Drake writes that someone contacted him and criticized him for writing three stories about U.S. Senator Steve Daines’ (R-MT) visit overseas to meet with troops.

It wasn’t me who contacted Drake, but it’s easy for anyone to see that Daines is pretty good about using the press to promote himself. The “secret” trip of Daines was just another example. Drake was used.

Drake also wrote about the Montana State Legislature holding “Media Day” at the Capitol where he said they basically told them “to dress nice, behave ourselves in the House and Senate chambers and provided all sorts of helpful advice.”

I guess we’ll have to depend on Drake and friends to provide us with first-hand knowledge about the circus called the Montana State Legislature because they won’t allow bloggers to obtain media credentials:

Credentials will not be issued to individuals for the purpose of writing a personal online blog.

I would bet some Montana bloggers have more experience and education than some of the members of the media who have credentials.

Nonetheless, I will be offering my independent commentary about the circus and the clowns at the Montana Legislature from afar. You can always email with your tips at:

White House Chief of Staff:

It looked for a while that the current Chief of Staff for Vice President Mike Pence, Nick Ayers, would be moving into the same spot for President Donald Trump.

But then Ayers announced he was leaving the White House.

Reuters reported that there had been discussions for months about Ayers taking the job, but was unable to agree to terms with Trump, another source said.

Ayers may be seeing the writing on the wall – that there are rough seas ahead for Trump. Who would want to be part of that?

Whoever takes the job, it’s important to remember that retired U.S. Marine Corps General John Kelly could not handle Trump. Kelly has commanded thousands of men and women during wartime and was the head of the Department of Homeland Security.

So, good luck with that.

FCS Playoffs:

The final four teams of the NCAA Football FCS playoffs are set for this weekend. (See Bracket Here)

Friday night it’s the battle of the Dakotas with #5 South Dakota State taking on #1 North Dakota State. It will be televised on ESPN2.

On Saturday, #7 Maine will visit #3 Eastern Washington. It will be televised on ESPN2.

The quarterfinal game on Saturday between Eastern Washington and UC Davis was a classic. UC Davis scored with 2:41 left to take the lead, but then Eastern Washington scored with 0:47 left to regain the lead, 34-29. UC Davis then fumbled the ball on their next possession and that was the game.

NFL Playoffs:

If you take a look at the NFL standings this morning, you’ll see my Kansas City Chiefs have an “X” by their name which means they secured a playoff spot with their overtime victory over the Baltimore Ravens Sunday.

In the past, the Chiefs gaining a playoff spot has happened only to lead to a big disappointment later in the season. Who knows about this year?

The Saints and the Rams have also secured playoff spots.

There’s a big game Thursday night at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, which is the loudest outdoor stadium in the NFL. The Los Angeles Chargers come to Arrowhead. The Chiefs beat the Chargers (38-28) at their place earlier in the year.

The Chiefs have a better AFC West record and better AFC record than the Chargers – and would even if they lost Thursday night and split the season series with the Chargers.

The Chiefs do have to travel to Seattle for a game with the Seahawks on December 23. The game will be broadcast on Sunday Night Football. The Seahawks are fighting for a Wildcard spot in the NFC. The Chiefs will get a nice break after the Chargers game and before the Seahawks game (10 days). That could come in handy this late in the season.

The Chiefs close out the regular season during Week 17 with the Raiders visiting Arrowhead.



4 thoughts on “The Monday Memo: Daines, Drake & MTLeg, WH COS, & Football

  1. It definitely will be a right wing wacko group leading the charge back to the 1920’s in the 2019 legislature in Helena. The far right of the GOP of Montana out of the Flathead control most of chairmanships thanks to incoming Speaker of the House Greg Hertz of Polson a very conservative political man who thinks the 5 letter word taxes is the worst sin ever. He is for good schools good roads and good health care as long no tax money is involved. He want to redo property taxes assessments so all the wealthy out of state part time residents on Flathead and Whitefish Lake only have to pay less on their multi.million dollars homes. These fringe right from the Flathead Skees (Rules)Noland( Business Labor),Glimm(Appropriation) Brown(Fish Wildlife) are in drivers seat so can’t wait for all the wacko bills to hit the hopper. So Jackie I continue to look forward to your take on the clowns at the the circus in January 2019

  2. Montana State Legislature doesn’t allow bloggers to obtain media credentials:This may be a statement about blogger’s success. Didn’t one get to star in his own movie — Dark Money. Bloggers rock while Legislature quakes

    • Carole – Thanks. With the downsizing of print media and the broadcast media being made up of people with little experience, Montanans should want people reporting about it who know what they are talking about. -JmB

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