Tuesday Commentary: The Daily Show, Downing, Gianforte, & the March

If you’re attacking kids whose classmates and teachers were massacred, you’re losing. – Preet Bharara

Today’s commentary deals with:

  • The Daily Show Visits Helena
  • Trumpeter or Trump Supporter?
  • Give them a Pay Raise
  • March for Our Lives

The Daily Show Visits Helena:

Comedy Central’s Roy Wood Jr from the “The Daily Show” made some folks at the pro-gun rally in Helena on Saturday look very very silly.

Watch the video by clicking HERE:

After watching the interviews, my first thought was that we need stronger background checks because some of these people should not be let out of their homes unsupervised, let alone own a firearm.

At least Wood was able to get some free pizza and speak to those attending…

Trumpeter or Trump Supporter?

More comedy – Republican U.S. Senate candidate Troy Downing released an ad showing him in a jet and incumbent Democrat Jon Tester sitting on a small tractor playing the trumpet.

You can see the ad here:

I guess it’s hard to find actors with just seven fingers to play Tester. Nonetheless, I found the ad funny. Downing does not stand much of a chance in this race, but his ad was funny.

We can all use a little humor these days…

Give them a Pay Raise:

USA Today reported about pay in Congressional offices and sadly one of the richest members of Congress, Montana’s Greg Gianforte, had the lowest paying congressional office.

That’s pretty sad.

As a former Senate staffer, I can tell you that staffers work their tails off for their boss. They work long hours and take a lot of crap from constituents. Here in Montana, our Representative covers the same area as the U.S. Senators do but with fewer staff and resources.

I’m hoping the reason for Gianforte looking so cheap is that he is just getting his staff together and that he will soon rectify the situation and pay them better.

March for Our Lives:

It’s been amazing how the students from Stoneman Douglas High School and others were able to energize the nation about gun control.

It’s been very sad how these students have been attacked by the pro-gun folks. I’ve seen people post fake things about them, like students tearing up the constitution, that they are actors and not real students, and that some of them don’t even go to school there.

It’s pathetic.

This quote from former U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara kind of sums it up:

If you’re attacking kids whose classmates and teachers were massacred, you’re losing

The pro-gun folks should learn how to debate the issues and stop the personal attacks.