Monday’s Quick Hits: Politics & Football

If it doesn’t matter who wins or loses, then why do they keep score? – Vince Lombardi

Today’s quick hits deal with:

  • Greg Gianforte
  • Brawl of the Wild
  • Montana High School Playoffs
  • Kansas City Chiefs

Greg Gianforte:

It was a classic Friday afternoon data drop. The authorities in Gallatin County released the documents surrounding the investigation into the assault of Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs by Greg Gianforte Friday afternoon.

When someone wants something to get little or no attention, they release it on a Friday afternoon.

The Bozeman Daily Chronicle received the information. You can read their report HERE.

Most reporting on the documents contend that Gianforte “misled” the investigators. I can’t wait to see the campaign commercials about that.

In my humble opinion, it looks like the authorities in Gallatin County have helped Gianforte immensely during this time. It smells.

Brawl of the Wild:

I watched the Montana State Bobcats beat the Montana Grizzlies in the 117th annual Brawl of the Wild football game. I watched it on television. It was entertaining.

I have no allegiance to either school.

The Bobcats and the Grizzlies did not make the 24 team FCS playoffs. I posted this tweet about the coaches on Twitter: Wondering which coach, Bob Stitt #Griz or Jeff Choate #Bobcats, will be fired first. Supporters expect playoffs.

UPDATE:Several sources are reporting that Bob Stitt (Griz) will not be back next season.(Source)

Some folks on Twitter did not like my question!

So far, it looks like Choate may be the one to go first.

In his first two seasons, Choate has two losing records. In 2016, he was 4-7, and in 2017 he is 5-6. Back in 2015, a 5-6 record was what ended the previous coach’s tenure. He did beat the Griz during these two seasons. That should help him some.

As for Stitt, 2017 was his third season. He was 8-5 in 2015, 6-5 in 2016, and this year he finished 7-4. So far, Stitt is showing promise.

I believe that any college coach should be given at least four years to turn a program around. Unfortunately, in today’s society, we want instant gratification.

Montana High School Playoffs & the Brawl:

The state of Montana High School Association should get it together and schedule their football championships on a date different than the Brawl of the Wild. If my count is correct, four championship games were played during the same time as the Cat/Griz game.(Source)

To make it even better, they should play the state football championships at the Montana State or University of Montana fields. They could do it in one day. It would be epic.

Kansas City Chiefs:

My Kansas City Chiefs lost to the New York Giants on Sunday. The Chiefs (6-4) still lead the AFC West by two games, but most people are wondering if they will win too many more games.

The Chiefs have lost their way.

As the saying goes, “It’s not the end of the world, but you can see it from here.”



2 thoughts on “Monday’s Quick Hits: Politics & Football

  1. The Montana High Association has been tone deaf for years. I grew up in Eastern Montana so got North Dakota TV. North Dakota had their state basketball games on TV back in 1970’s. To this day Montana still doesn’t .Yes you can watch it on your computer by paying for live streaming which can be very poor at times. Their excuse is would cut down on attendance at the games which is completely false. It your team is in the state tourney the whole town goes. It is so stupid to have all these state football games on same day. The could be staggered during the final week. The Montana High School Association is made up of mostly high school administrators from 4 school divisions AA-A-B-C. But what is not on there is a parent representative which I find very strange. This idea of playing these games on different days as been floated for ever but the Montana High School Association is a very bureaucratic organization that is stuck in the 1950’s so don’t hold your breath on change.

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