Thursday Numbers

When it comes to the game of life, I figure I’ve played the whole course. – Lee Trevino

Welcome to “Thursday Numbers!” In case you’re a first-time visitor, this is the weekly column where I take a look at the numbers that are in the news (in descending order) and provide commentary sometimes sprinkled with sarcasm.

This week’s topics include Mega Millions, losing health insurance, unemployment, fact-checking the President, John McCain, Fox News Poll, drought disaster, Donald Trump, White House briefing, working together, the sixth month, and much more!


That’s the jackpot for the Mega Millions lottery Friday night. (


That’s how many people will lose their health insurance by 2026 under the Senate plan to repeal Obamacare. (CBO)

That’s not good.


That’s how many people filed new claims for unemployment last week. (USDOL)


The Washington Post’s “Fact Checker” claims that at the six-month mark, President Trump’s tally for false or misleading claims stands at 836. That’s an average of 4.6 claims a day. (WaPo)

Pinocchio would be proud…


It was disclosed Wednesday night that U.S. Senator John McCain, age 80, has brain cancer. McCain has glioblastoma, one of the most common but also one of the most malignant brain tumors. It can be treated with chemotherapy and radiation, but medical experts said it almost always grows back. (NY Times)

Get well soon, Senator! Prayers for you and your family.


A new Fox News Poll shows that 74 percent want GOP lawmakers to reach out to Democrats and try to find a compromise on health care. That includes 86 percent of Democrats and 59 percent of Republicans.

If they stopped being so partisan, they could accomplish a lot.


Montana Governor Steve Bullock issued an Executive Order declaring 28 counties and five Indian Reservations in a drought disaster. (MT.Gov)

They are Blaine, Big Horn, Carter, Chouteau, Custer, Daniels, Dawson, Fallon, Fergus, Garfield, Golden Valley, Hill, Judith Basin, McCone, Musselshell, Petroleum, Phillips, Powder River, Prairie, Richland, Roosevelt, Rosebud, Sheridan, Treasure, Valley, Yellowstone, Wheatland, and Wibaux Counties and the Fort Peck Indian Reservation, Fort Belknap Indian Reservation, Rocky Boy Indian Reservation, Crow Indian Reservation, and Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation


According to Public Policy Polling, that’s how many people (22%) said if Donald Trump shot someone on 5th Avenue they would still approve of the job he’s doing as President. (

Another 16% were unsure and 62% said they would disapprove.

It looks like the rock-bottom line of support for Trump is around 22%…


It has been 21 days since the last on-camera White House briefing, which was June 29. (ABC News)

I miss the daily fun!


The Associated Press reported that Americans overwhelmingly want lawmakers of both parties to work out health care changes, with only 13 percent supporting Republican moves to repeal “Obamacare” absent a replacement, according to a new poll. (AP)


Today (July 20) marks the 6th month of the Trump Administration.

Which person in the new administration will be the first to go to jail?



3 thoughts on “Thursday Numbers

  1. 836: Let’s compare Obama and Trump after a year…maybe even 8!
    74: Hate is a powerful thing…
    22: That 22% need help
    21: Me too, but the media brought that on themselves…

    • 21: Right, because reporting based on what is said on tape is so dishonest.

      If tRump hates the press so much, why did he just give such an extensive and exclusive interview to the NYT? tRump needs the press, it’s part of his schtick to deride his biggest ally.

      836: There is already no comparison, tRump is the lyingest and most incompetent President in US history. But you go ahead and keep desperately clinging to your rightwingnut talking points.

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