The Wednesday Read: Lawyer up, Comey, & Reality

There are lots of people who mistake their imagination for their memory. – Josh Billings

Today I provide independent commentary about the following items for this edition of The Wednesday Read:

  • Gianforte’s Lawyers
  • Comey Testimony
  • Reality Winner

Gianforte’s Lawyers:

Looks like Montana’s congressman-elect Greg Gianforte is bringing out the big guns to help beat his misdemeanor assault charge.

The Bozeman Daily Chronicle on Tuesday reported that Bill Mercer, who served as U.S. attorney for Montana from 2001 to 2009, is joined by Bozeman defense attorney Todd Whipple in representing Montana’s congressman-elect.

I know Mercer; he’s a good person and a very good attorney.

Some may call this “overkill” for a misdemeanor assault, but if you’ve got the money why not fight it. That’s why our justice system is so screwed up.

Later in the day, it was reported by MTN News and other sources that Gianforte filed for an extension of his court case to allow for a possible settlement of the case.

There will be a lot of pressure on Gallatin County Attorney Marty Lambert during these proceedings. We’ll see if he folds like a tent.

Comey Testimony:

Former FBI Director James Comey will be testifying before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday.

The hearing begins at 10:00 a.m. eastern time. Many networks will be covering it live. Some bars around Washington, D.C. will be holding watch parties.

It would be great if President Trump would tweet his thoughts during the hearing, but his press secretary said Trump has a full schedule. We’ll see.

I will be offering my views on Twitter (@TheWesternWord) throughout the day.

Reality Winner:

In case you did not know, CNN reports that’s the name (Reality Winner) of the 25-year-old federal contractor who now stands charged with leaking information regarding a 2016 Russian military intelligence cyberattack to The Intercept, an online news outlet.

Winner had a top secret security clearance.

At this time, I’d like to thank my parents for my name.



2 thoughts on “The Wednesday Read: Lawyer up, Comey, & Reality

  1. If the judge folded that easy, I don’t see what’s to prevent Lambert from doing the same.

    There is another (softer) set of laws for the establishment elites like Giantfart.

  2. And if the lawyers drag things out long enough, Marsy’s law will go into effect on July 1 giving Ben Jacobs a raft of new rights. And after that, there is one last surprize for Gianforte in Montana’s judicial closet.

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