The Wednesday Read: Elections, Ballot, Trump, Clinton, & Colbert

It is to be regretted that the rich and powerful too often bend the acts of government to their own selfish purposes. – Andrew Jackson

Today I provide independent commentary about the following items for this edition of The Wednesday Read:

  • Great Falls School Elections
  • Montana Special House Election
  • Trump Report on Andrew Jackson
  • Hillary Speaks
  • The Colbert Monologue

Great Falls School Elections:

Great Falls voters defeated a $500,000 high school technology levy and re-elected incumbents Jan Cahill, Jason Brantley, and Don Ryan to serve three-year terms on the school board. (GF Tribune)

The technology levy failed by about 729 votes. I supported the tech levy.

What was most interesting to me was the number of votes received by candidate Don Petrini. He received around 5,297 votes. He did not get elected to the school board. The Great Falls Tribune reported in late March that Petrini had posted a photo on his Facebook page of President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michele Obama depicted as apes. There were other posts just as disgusting. Amazingly, he received over five thousand votes from the citizens in Great Falls.

Montana Special House Election:

On Tuesday, I received my ballot for the special election to elect a new U.S. House member.

I received it in the mail – so take that Jeff Essmann and Corey Stapleton!

I can select Republican Greg Gianforte, or Democrat Rob Quist, or Libertarian Mark Wicks. I can also leave it blank or write in someone’s name. Getting that ballot make me feel powerful and patriotic!


My Pro Tip – I would suggest waiting closer to Election Day (May 25) to cast your vote. With all the baggage we have discovered about the two top candidates, who knows what we will find out next.

For the 2018 election, I suggest the major political parties in Montana recruit their candidates from the Montana State Prison…

For the conspiracy theorists – Since Greg Gianforte has investments with Russian companies; do you think the Russians will be tampering with this election, too? Maybe during the conversation this week between Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin, they talked about helping Gianforte win…

Trump Report on Andrew Jackson:

In case you missed it, you can read “a paper” Donald Trump wrote about Andrew Jackson and the Civil War HERE.

You really need to read the report – so stop what you are doing and click HERE.

FYI – For my more gullible readers, “the paper” is a joke.

Hillary Speaks:

The Washington Post reported that Hillary Clinton on Tuesday attributed her defeat in the 2016 presidential election to interference by Russian hackers and FBI Director James B. Comey, and declared herself to be “part of the resistance” to Donald Trump’s presidency.

She also said during the Women for Women event in New York that, “If the election had been on October 27, I would be your president.”

Heck, if the election were held today she might win it this time. None of that matters. She lost. It sucks to lose an election.

As you can imagine, President Trump tweeted about it HERE and HERE – in third person!!!

The Colbert Monologue:

On “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” Colbert went after President Trump pretty hard during his opening monologue. The monologue drew a lot of praise and criticism, including a #FireColbert movement.

You can watch it HERE. Did he go too far?



11 thoughts on “The Wednesday Read: Elections, Ballot, Trump, Clinton, & Colbert

  1. Barry: Financial disclosures get amended by candidates of all stripes as a matter of course. As a matter of fact, we now know that Gen. Mike Flynn did not file required financial disclosures of his income from Russia and Turkey, and he’s not even a candidate. You can even file amended income tax forms to DOR and IRS.

    It was reported that Quist did not have the documented financial information when he filed initially and then filed the add’l info as soon as it was received. No attempt to conceal, just not available from the third party.

    I specified medical expenses, your response does not.

    Pity you didn’t read the snopes info that was available before you replied.

    Ass|u|me-you conveniently omitted yourself.

    It’s moot, not mute.

    GM’s bankruptcy is not germane. Why would I mention it? Try to stay on topic.

    • doug,

      Snopes is is run by a liberal couple that incorporates their opinions with random facts, hardly a legit source…nice try.

      Quist was still caught not declaring his income…

      So is bringing Flynn into the conversation is not off topic?

      You are a funny guy!

      • That’s the best you’ve got? snopes was a whole other conversation. For lack of a cogent counterpoint, you attack the source.

        Now, THAT”S FUNNY!

  2. Petrini – Ugh, it’s a sad day when a “gentleman” like Petrini can attract over 5,000 votes.

    Colbert – He’s a comedian. It’s his job to poke fun at things/people in the news. POTUS supporters were O.K. with Trump’s misogynistic ramblings but are now sensitive flowers? Now that’s funny.

  3. My Pro Tip: With all the financial irresponsibilities regarding Rob Quist over the past week, I don’t think he can recover, that shiny new pickup just ran into the ditch and was passed by the work truck…

    Hillary Speaks: She is still in denial of her deeds that were uncovered by the Russians and shared by Wikileaks. With her past, we are better off that she is not POTUS…she was the first one Trump kicked out of the swamp.

    • Let’s hope the work truck runs the luxury car into the ditch and it catches fire.

    • What financial irregularities? Apparently you’ve never had your personal finances laid waste by an expensive medical complication and its domino effect.
      Quist took care of his financial obligations over time as any responsible person would. He didn’t cut & run and declare bankruptcy like dear POTUS did 5 times.

      Remember how the boy king has so many bad things to say about Goldman Sachs being part of the problem? Now he has 6 of them on his economic team. He’s draining the swamp by adding more monsters to over-flow its banks. Gianforte is on record with his full-throated support of Making America Worse.

      Fun fact: The last time Rs had the majority in both houses of Congress was just before the Great Depression started.

      • Doug – Maybe I’m not reading your comments correctly, but I think the Rs controlled both houses of Congress for a little while during the Clinton years and also during part of GW Bush’s years. -JmB

      • Ohhhh Doug,

        Quist failed to declare $57,000 dollars in income on this financial declaration and to the IRS. When he said he couldn’t pay his property taxes, he was working the whole time.

        As far as my situation, I have been up and down and have made all my reparations to my creditors. Twice, in my life I have been worth 7 figures+. One was as the founder/owner of Pacific Coast Productions in LA. You know that old saying, when you AssUme something you are usally the A– in the word (editorial license used)

        Your fun fact is fake news!

        Those bankruptcies were fully legal which makes your argument mute, blame congress for creating the opportunity through their laws. Laws that both R’s and D’s voted for…
        Even GM has declared bankruptcy…I don’t hear you complaining there…

        Cheers, Barry

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