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Character may be manifested in the great moments, but it is made in the small ones. – Phillips Brooks

Today I take a look at Montana’s U.S. House seat, the Electoral College, NFL Football, and much more!

Montana U.S. House:

The Bozeman Daily Chronicle is reporting today that Montana State Senator Ed Buttrey of Great Falls has told fellow Republicans that he would run for Montana’s lone U.S. House seat. The seat is expected to be vacated because the current U.S. Representative Ryan Zinke is expected to be confirmed as Secretary of the Interior in the Trump Administration.

I’ve known Buttrey for years and he would be a good choice to fill the seat.

I would like to see these people on the Republican side consider running for the House seat:

Travis Kavulla – He is currently a PSC Commissioner.

Aaron Flint – He recently was communications director for Greg Gianforte.

I think any of the three (Buttrey, Kavulla, Flint) would do a wonderful job.

For the Democrats, I would like to see:

Denise Juneau – She should run for the seat again.

Jesse Laslovich – He would be a good choice.

I think Juneau and Laslovich would also do a great job.

The bottom line is that Montana needs someone to represent them in the U.S. House who will not use it as a stepping stone to try to move on to other offices.

Electoral College:

It’s not for a college football bowl game or for college credits, but it’s important! The Electoral College will meet today to determine who will be the next President.

The New York Times has two very good articles about the Electoral College process. Check them out HERE and HERE.

The Electoral College votes will be counted January 6 in the U.S. House, and that is when Joe Biden will be declared the next President of the United States.

Just kiddin…

Kansas City Chiefs:

How ‘bout those Chiefs blowing a 14 point lead at home on Sunday? When they are bad they are very bad.

I’ve told my family several times that when I die I would like to have some Chiefs football players be my pallbearers, so they can let me down one last time…

Congrats to the Oakland Raiders for securing a playoff spot for the first time since 2002.

The Chiefs are still in the playoff hunt, but who knows which team will show up on Sunday.

Current NFL standings can be found HERE.


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3 thoughts on “Monday’s Quick Hits

  1. I think one of you bloggers who seem to have all the answers to all of our problems should shut up and put up. Here’s a perfect opportunity to do something for your fellow citizens!

    • Anon – Thanks for your advice. I actually served in a non-partisan elective office in the past. If this House seat was non-partisan, then I might but the person who runs must be selected by the party leaders in this case. I’m independent – both sides do things that I don’t like. -Thanks for visiting. -JmB

  2. Running Juneau again would be silly. Laslovich can’t win a statewide race, either…or at least couldn’t a month ago.

    That said, if it’s Buttrey I’ll plan on voting Dem. I’m sure many hardcore Republicans will as well – Buttrey gave us Obamacare here, after all.

    Heck, might be a good election to stay home. I can already tell from the names you put up that there’s nothing for the average worker to get excited about, nothing at all.

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